Monday, July 21, 2008

July 4th Activities

We woke up on July 4th for a fundraiser breakfast at the church. The sister missionaries were really excited because they thought we had brought some investigator friends with us and came over to our table with pass along cards in hand. Lenna is from Tonga and one of the sisters is from Samoa, so they had a nice visit even though no missionary work was happening. We enjoyed the company of other ward members and the kids found some things to keep them occupied after eating pancakes.

Nathan and Jared, along with the others, had a turn in the wagon pulled by Brother Randall.

There was a nice MUD HOLE to explore.

And some WATER to play in.

We hurried home and got ready to go play at PUMP IT UP for the rest of the morning. It was so much fun, but the adults were exhausted! I called Jared the energizer bunny because he just got off one thing and ran to the next.

The Delgados trying out one of the slides!

The Loveridges coming down fast!

Kalisi and Spencer

The little guys loved the car.

Yup, that's me.

We hurried home and shared lunch with my friends from the temple, the Nichols, and their daughter and her husband. They were meeting up at our house and leaving a car before traveling to Yosemite together for a family reunion. Then we set up the backyard for water games and let the kids get wet while we prepared the barbecue tri-tip and chicken with all the fixins. After dark and just before all the kids collapsed we watched some more fireworks and let the kids wave around some sparklers:

Blogger is posting my pictures rotated wrong, so I'm going to stop until I figure out why.


David and Matt building a camp shower

Barbara and Carolynn's visit

Ryan and Karrie's Fire & Flood

Video of Kacy telling about her dad's helicopter rescue

Jake and Natalie's Wedding


Eric said...

You should be able to rotate the pictures your self before posting to the blog. Try MS Paint under Programs->Acc-Paint.. But you probably already knew that! BTW, those juice oranges look great!

Cherie & David: said...

Eric - The pictures are rotated properly before posting, but change after.

Lenna said...

Man if these pictures don't have us wanting to come running back up there... properly rotated or not :) We'll bring more chocolate! Lots more chocolate!