Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring has arrived...

I love the springtime flowers, which have begun to come up in my yard. Last week David got me a fountain for the front yard. We had a lot of frost damage and problems with the water system, so we are kind of re-landscaping. We had to buy several new trees to replace some fire blight and bore worm damaged trees. The mandarin orchard escaped with only minor frost damage since I sprayed it with a product called "Cloud Cover".
Our earliest peach tree blossom.
We will have peach cobbler by Mother's Day.
Yumm! Can't wait.
Since Spring is on the way, the Bunting Bees
are getting busy and we will soon have to split the hives.
All the trees are blooming...the bees LOVE it!
This is David & Oscar's future avairy (chicken coop).
They've been planning it for some time, and this week began setting the posts.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

These pictures are a few months old, but since
I didn't have a blog back then, I'm posting them now:

Kacy took advantage of the face painting.

Karrie enjoying the evening.

Will drove the tractor too.

David took everyone on a twilight hay ride.
Here's Ryan cooking dutch oven corn bread.
It was my favorite thing served that night.

This is David's cook trailer, which he has been working on for several years. We were able to use it for some fun activities last year, including a wedding and Ryan's party.

Pig on a Spit

Last fall Ryan and Karrie hosted a ward party at their "spread".
The highlight of the evening was the pig, which was roasted on a spit.

World Ag Expo Feb 15, 2007

Spencer, Nathan, Jared, Oscar & monster truck

Jared liked his balloon, and we found it easy to locate Oscar!

Look out "Mater" here comes Nathan on the big John Deere.

Spencer spent most of the time in the stroller
since he was feeling a little under the weather.

Kacy's make-believe world...

Each Sunday all the grandkids come over for a visit. A few weeks ago Kacy (3) began telling me that she lives in a city called "Roseday" in a pink house with a red roof. In fact, everything there is pink or red, including the food. As the weeks have gone by, she has added more information about her little "world". Her grass is, of course, pink and there is a rose garden in the back yard. 5 other girls live there and they are all 5 years old. They wear pink princess dresses with roses and have princess names. There are 3 dogs in town, Melissa, Annie and Ruffie, all pink. I can't wait to hear more next week. This week she had on some really cute brown shorts with striped knee socks , so I told her how much I liked her outfit. She said she likes her pink shorts better.


"I like to ride like the big kids."

Eliza's Visit

When Eliza stopped by on her last visit to Bakersfield, we tried
to capture all the kids together. Guess who is missing?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jumpin' right in...

Here are some of my darlins' jumping into my new blog, which I started today. I decided to call it BUNTING BUZZ. I am so excited! I think blogging will be a great way to share our lives with with friends and family we don't get to see to often and also to record some of the little things that happen to us.