Monday, August 27, 2007

Power Tools

How many of you ladies out there in bloggerland have your very OWN power tools? I don't want to make you jealous...but I do. I have always had access to LOTS of tools. In fact our three car garage has no cars in it because I have access to so many. But they technically belong to David. That is until last week, which is when I actually acquired my OWN. Here is the way it happened:

For some time now I have been comtemplating a home improvement project. When we built our home , we put in a TEMPORARY closet rack in my roomy walk-in closet thinking we'd do a custom closet system when we had more time. kept getting postponed, and we got more stuff to put in the closet over the years. The poor closet imploded awhile back. David has been busy with other things, so I got thinking, "Why not me?" So, one day I got brave and moved everything out of the closet. I had to remove the old rack, so I ventured out to the three car tool storage area to look for a screwdriver. I was unable to locate one the correct size and type I needed. So, after contemplating the situation, I thought, "David has a Makita cordless power drill. THAT would be a much better tool for the job!" I ventured out again and found the Makita, but was unable to locate the bit that goes in the end of the drill to make it a screwdriver. (I needed a phillips and a regular one.) David had his head under the hood of a friend's Jaguar and I hesitated to bother him, but I was getting impatient to get my job done, so I yelled, "Honey, where's your screwdriver bit for the Makita?" I discovered he doesn't EVER use the regular kind, so he doesn't have one. I told him what I thought about that, and went back in to fight with the wrong size screwdriver. I eventually got the poor old rack out after David finished with the Jaguar and came in to help. Then, I spackled and painted and spent a couple of days designing the new closet. Finally, I went out and spent a fortune on all the supplies. Meanwhile, I had borrowed Oscar's laser lever/stud finder, since ours had been stolen, and spent quite awhile looking for studs. (HA! HA!) I marked them with little red stickers, and they were not all where I wanted them to be.
The day for installation had arrived. I began by planning how to best make use of the studs, which took quite awhile, since, as I said, they were not all where they were SUPPOSED to be. As I was doing this, David walked in with MY NEW POWER TOOLS. He had been out doing errands and just happened to find a good buy on an 18 volt cordless power drill/light combo and a 6 in 1 stud finder, which finds 5 other things besides wood studs for ME! Can you imagine my delight? I finished the closet. You can come over anytime and see it. I keep my new power drill/light combo on the left side of my temple bag, and my stud finder in my sock drawer. If you live close to me you are welcome to borrow them if you ever want to install something. I have already found two other projects, but it's late and I have jury duty again tomorrow, so that's another story.

Will's Birthday Pics

All the kids helped decorate Will's cake. Last year we made a train, so this year we decided to use construction vehicles like Ryan used to get the footings ready for their house.
After it was decorated, it was hard to wait for Uncle Karl and Aunt Gaye to come...everyone wanted to taste the dirt and play with the bulldozer.
Opening presents was also lots of fun!
Jared enjoyed Aunt Gaye reading Will's new Thomas book to him.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Will!

Here's a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Will, who's THREE today! He's a great kid. We love him bunches. His really loves fruit , especially strawberries, grapes, and watermelon. Thomas the Tank Engine is another favorite, and any little vehicles he can push around. He's known for his clothes preferences, winning smile and that curly hair! I also found him to be quite artistic when he stayed with me for a few days. And, of course, he loves to help me cook and bake.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Circus Train

This is the cover of a pamphlet given to David to tell him how to handle the circus train. There are actually two trains, a red unit and a blue unit.
This photo was taken by a photographer when they moved 10 Asian elephants from the train station to Staples Center in L.A. for the weekend performances.
A couple of days ago David brought the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailet Circus Train from L.A. to Bakersfield. It was on it's way to Oakland. He was provided the following interesting information concerning the train:

There are 58 cars total
4 occupied stock cars
33 occupied coach cars
2 container cars
19 equipment flat cars

The 58 car train is 5,128 feet long and weighs 4,265 tons. There were over 300 performers, clowns, acrobats, tightrope walkers, animal trainers, flyers, management and support personnel, along with over 50 animals aboard, including elephants, horses, tigers, and various exotic animals. Most of the personnel travel and live on the train, and travel days are day off.

Spencer Speaking

The other day all the kids were having lunch here and as I was passing out the food and drinks I overheard Spencer ask the other kids, "Do you know what happens when a robot chews gum?" Of course everyone wanted to know, including me , so I listened intently as he replied, " Smoke and sparks come out of his ears and then his legs go up in the air." (Poor robot! I'm sure this knowledge came from somewhere, but I'm oblivious.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Jared performing THE CANNONBALL

Jocelyn took this video a couple of weeks ago and asked me to post it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Cindy Lou ???

Kacy and Will had fun making funny faces and hairdo's while taking a bath last week. I sure miss them, and it's only Monday. I had "constant companionship" and lots of fun with them last week!

Picking Peaches

After attending Granny's "open house" Kacy and Will helped me pick peaches and apples for some Sunday dessert. Everyone thought the Red Haven peaches looked like rubarb because they made the cobbler juice so red.

Granny's "Open House"

Papa David invited Kacy and Will to Granny's "open house" after he finished the floor and installed the new bathroom fixture.
Here, the insulation is all leveled out and ready for the floor.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday to Jeremy !

Just wanted to post belated wishes to Jeremy. I really did think about him on Wednesday, but never made it to the computer. Then, when Thursday rolled around, I felt like it was kind of after the fact. But, after I finally got to read some of the other blogs to him today, I couldn't let another day go by without joining in. I hope you'll forgive my tardiness, Jeremy, and even though I'm late, I still think you're great! We just wish you lived closer so we could see more of you!
P.S. The balloons are supposed to be animated, but something went wrong, so you'll just have to imagine them that way.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Casita Plumbing and Insulation

David blowing in the insulation.
Oscar feeding it into the blowing maching.
David has been working hard on the Casita, even in the heat. He has finished the plumbing and he and Oscar did the floor insulation this morning. After they finished, David nailed on the plywood floor. I told him he better order more wood, 'cause his lumber is GONE. Next are the walls!

Water Fun

Jared is sliding into the "puppy pool", who has his ears over his eyes so they "won't get water in them." (according to Spencer) Kacy is holding down the sprinkler tail so Jared won't get sprayed.
Kacy and Will are checking their guns.

Jared is trying the rainbow Slip n Slide .


Spencer's got Nathan on the run.

Nathan's trying to get Spencer back.

The Delgado boys joined us for some water fun Wednesday while Oscar went to class, and they came agin this morning so Oscar could help David with the insulation on the Casita. We had lots of fun! Their favorite thing was going down the slide into the "puppy pool". Jared couldn't get enough! I took some video, but I'm not sure when I'll get to post it...depends on how many trips to the "potty", drinks and ??? we have today.

Kacy and Will

This week is girls camp, so I have been taking care of Kacy and Will. Monday we did lots of fun indoor stuff, since it was so hot outside (105 degrees). Here, their dragonflys are flying in the breeze of the fan.
They had some fun at the computer too. Now they are pro's at Reader Rabbit!

They were happy to take turns matching up letters, numbers and shapes under the oysters, and helping baby fireflys find their mothers.
Karrie asked me to make sure they got a nap everyday, so they have. It is supposed to be at 1:00, but we aren't always on schedule. Today we finally got it right. Monday-Wednesday they did get a nap even though it was a little later, because we were busy playing and shopping for a Slip n Slide and swimsuits for our water games on Wednesday. The first couple of nights they had a little trouble getting used to the train whistles here, but Tuesday and Wednesday they slept all night long. Kacy said the trains were quieter.