Monday, April 30, 2007


Spencer is missing because he was smart and spent the afternoon sleeping.

Kid Croquet

The kids...playing croquet in the backyard, at least I think it was croquet. The kids hadn't ever heard of croquet so they called the mallots hammers and used them to try to kill each other and rearrange the landscaping! It was 98 degrees out...all the adults decided it was crazy to be out and headed for the air conditioning.

Stake Enrichment Luncheon

Jocelyn already posted about our luncheon Saturday, but here's a few more shots of the event. I add my thanks to all who helped us... Stephanie, Nathalie, Anita & Linsdey.
Steph and Nat servin' up with style.

Anita and I ...puttin' out the yummy salads.

Note Dayna...checking out the dessert cart !

Friday, April 27, 2007

Home Security

David installed this in our wall yesterday and also ordered a home security system. We wired the house for one when we built it, and put the little magnets in the doors and windows, but never finished it. Now all he has to do is read the installation manual. This will be a new experience for him, since he usually laughs at me when I suggest that he read instruction manuals.

Area of Nastiness

" This is the place..." I mean area of nastiness. I took this picture Monday after Friebel's had spent two days cleaning it. Some of our keys were found in the shed and food from our freezer on a table outside it.

Sailing Away....on the front lawn???

The other day Jimmy and Justin came over. Ryan had just got back in town from his motorcycle trip to Nevada, and Karrie was in town for a dentist appointment. I had been babysitting Kacy, Will & Ed. The Delgados joined us and I think Karl came by too. It kinda turned into a "see if we can figure out Ryan's Catamaran on the front lawn party". Everyone joined in. I think they put some of the parts together and decided it might be fixable, but maybe a little more expensive than they originally thought. Anyway, everyone had fun even though it was COLD and WINDY that day. I ran in to document the event, and remembered my camera had been stolen, so I dug up my OLD one. It took me a few minutes to remember how it worked, but at least I can take pictures now.
An "incident" that followed the lawn party involved David going to the garage to find a tool and discovering that the robbers had stolen his $650.00 laser level and Karl's transit (which he hadn't noticed before). He was very upset and got on the excavator which he had been repairing for Matt and headed for Friebel's back yard to "excavate" Dean's little "area of nastiness" as Jocelyn put it. He probably was mad enough that he would have done it, but Ryan jumped on and turned off the key. He told David it probably wasn't such a good idea.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jared & Jocelyn

This is Jocelyn making Jared laugh with background by Spencer

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Brittney !!!

To Brittney on her birthday
Here's what we want to say:
This year we hope your birthday is
a delight in every way.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Cadillac DTS

I need to go take a test drive...

I like this one too...

I want David to buy a new car for me, since my Jeep smells so bad.
What do you think??

Ripped Off

Well.. they didn't get the Hope Diamond, but the mean, bad boys got most of my good stuff that fit into the Jeep, which they also took. Check out Jocelyn's blog. She still has a camera and posted pictures of the "perp," who they caught Friday driving my stolen Jeep. I got it back, but robbery STINKS!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another swarm pic...

David wanted me to post this picture he took of me holding the branch back so you can see the swarm better.

Grandma J

I took Grandma J to get a cut and perm on Saturday. I thought Teresa, Pat and Loren would enjoy seeing her since they can't come and visit very often.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Swarm on Saturday

Saturday, when David and I went out to check the garden, we noticed a swarm of bees in the peach tree. (I wasn't surprised, after all the bee activity I had noticed Friday when I was weeding.) Anyway, here he is putting them in a new home. After he got this swarm he found another on the backhoe which was parked near the hives.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Perfectly Pink

As we were walking into the temple in January, I remarked to Anita how I wished that my rose trees looked as nice as the temple ones. The temple ones had long, drooping branches and were laden with blooms. Mine have always looked as if they needed to be trimmed off, if only to help them look better. I think I had a bug problem. So... I sprayed with dormant spray in January and now they look really GOOD! They have lots of pretty blooms and the leaves are shiny! I might even try some fertilizer. they're still not perfect.

Bees on Roses

While coming in from the garden I noticed a lot of bees on the climbing roses along the fence, so I decided to see if I could get some pics to use on Bunting Buzz.

This one of the bee in flight was very hard to get... I took my life in my hands waiting for a good shot...I was stings.
These "buddies" are working together...or mayBEE they are just fighting over the same nectar.

There must of BEEn thousands of BEES out today!

Radishes ???

I went out to weed the garden and found my radish leaves had been devoured by the rabbit. ( At least I'm guessing it was him, since I didn't actually see it happen.) Well, at least everything else is still there. I don't like radishes much anyway and I planted them mostly for my mom. Maybe they will grow new tops.
So, I finished weeding the garden and watered it. While hoeing the bean row, I heard some buzzing...It was a swarm of bees. They went up above me over the garden, buzzing madly, and then flew off to the neighbor's eucalyptus trees. Last year we were able to get a lot of the swarms because they seemed to like the plum tree in the garden and would go there long enough for us to caputre them and put them into a new hive. We replaced that tree because it wasn't producing, so I guess they found greener pastures.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Bunny???

Yes...the Easter Bunny came to our house.
Can you guess which one left the eggs???

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a wonderful Easter with the family beginning with church in the morning. After everyone re-grouped at our house, we had tooo much food, including a delicious new Berry Trifle made by Jocelyn. After lunch was the Easter Egg Hunt and decorating Easter cookies. Then we decorated the Playdough filled eggs we found on the hunt with stickers while eating...candy. Kacy asked me if her teeth were really going to fall out like her mom said. I told her if she brushed them every morning and night they might not.
Ready for the hunt with their personalized ice-cream buckets.
Granny said...GO!
Resting a minute for a picture
Jared didn't find too many eggs, but he had fun carrying his bucket around and keeping an eye on Ed.

When they were done, we counted up and there were a few unfound eggs. It happens every year. The ants are happy!
You might ask, "Where are all the BIG boys missing in the pictures?" Well, Papa David, Uncle Karl, Ryan and Oscar were all sleeping or resting in the house. You would think they did all the cooking and hunting for eggs...or did all that eating made them sleepy?

The Delgado Family

Granny Ellen watching the Egg Hunt

Jocelyn & Jared

David & Lindsey in Easter attire