Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Garden Guest

It didn't take long...
Look what I saw staring at my garden this morning .

Drip parts

After we got the drip going in the garden, David decided we needed to make some changes. (We had some areas being sprayed that weren't supposed to get water.) Sooo... he found a bag of goodies from the World Ag Expo (samples), and laid them out on the kitchen counter top to examine the possibilities...


Anybody want to volunteer to do Karrie's laundry?

Nathan's letters

Nathan has learned how to write letters, and now Jocelyn is going broke providing postage for all his outgoing mail. This is a letter he recently sent to Uncle Dandy after he loaned some x-rays to Jocelyn for her pre-school when they did letter X.

He's out!

Nathan & our 3 toed box turtle
The turtle came out of hibernation,

so the kids had to welcome him to Springtime.

(I don't think he's too crazy about all the attention.)

Turtle blocking...

Garden is planted and the drip is hooked up...finally!

This is how we hook up the drip tube.

David also has installed sprinklers that cover the whole garden, but the drip system takes less water and makes less weeding for me.

More blooms...

Dutch Iris

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ready to plant...

David did the final rototilling after our nice rain.
Now the garden's all soft and moist.
I just need to hook up the drip and plant it.

Garden helpers

Nathan, Spencer and Jared helped me with the planting today...Well kinda helped... they got hot and tired and thirsty. It was a lot of work according to Spencer. David had plowed it so well that Jared sunk in up to his knees. But we had fun and some of it even got planted!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

All the trees are blossoming...

cherry, orange, lemon & apple blossoms

Rosemary Cuttings

A few years ago we were given a Rosemary plant trimmed in the shape of a tree for Christmas. I planted it in the backyard on a mound. It has grown over 12 feet wide and has beautiful purple blossoms. We decided to take some of the cuttings and plant them out front by the street to keep down the weeds and hopefully to look pretty someday. I also planted some on a mound closer to the front of the house.

Rub a dub dub...

Jocelyn had Activity Day Girls last night, so I got to make Snickerdoodles with the boys, give them a bath and read stories. Nathan picked " Curious George Makes Pancakes" and Spencer picked "The Little Engine That Could."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cloudy at the Temple

This is what the temple looked like when we came out Saturday.
When we got out of the temple today it was raining! We got home to Bakersfield to find heavy rain all afternoon here too. It's beautiful and the flowers and trees love it. We're having some great temple experiences this month. In addition to our usual Tuesday morning shifts, Anita, Randy and I worked last Saturday evening. Next week we are going to a special session on Monday which will be officiated by the temple presidency. We will meet in the chapel and the session will follow. Then we are all having dinner together. The presidency is furnishing the entree and the ordinance workers are bringing salads and desserts. We are really looking forward to being with with all of our temple friends. There are some wonderful people on our shift. We plan to spend the night in the temple apartments so we won't have to drive back to Bakersfield and then return again early the next morning.

Kacy Dancing

John Deere

It's always fun when grandpa comes.

Teaching Baseball

That's what brother's are for.

Baseball Pro

Nathan's lesson must have done some good.

Trellis Climber

I wish the Jasmine would climb as high as the boys on my trellis.

Sharing Toys

... Work or Play?

Patio Traffic Jam

David and I are going to have to make a track for kid vehicles.
There is beginning to be a traffic problem on our patio.

Monday, March 12, 2007

BBQ Ribs

Oscar, David & Ryan barbequing ribs ( 10 racks).
We ate all we could and put the rest in the freezer.
These guys love any excuse to use the BBQ trailer.
This time it was to celebrate Aimee and Cooper coming to town.

Uncle Dandy, Kacy & Ed drawn by Kacy

Kacy has been drawing pictures again. This depicts Uncle Dandy (in black with short hair), Kacy (in red with long curly hair, and Ed (short guy next to Kacy). She's holding presents. The blue is her description in writing of the picture.

Spring Plowing

Here is David getting the garden ready for me to plant.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Kacy's Self-Portrait

Gotta love that curly hair!

Kids at play

I got to babysit Kacy, Will & Ed today while Karrie went shopping. Jared and Spencer joined us. We colored with markers, rode scooters and trikes on the patio, ate cheese crackers and drank juice, raced cars and trucks in the toyroom (see Ed and Jared), made a train out of the bar stools . ( Will was the engineer.), and had Mac & Cheese and Dino chicken nugguts for lunch and ice cream for dessert.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Water Problems

We had a broken sprinkler valve, so yesterday David decided to fix it. He was just finishing up when a geyser erupted. I missed that shot because I didn't have my camera and I was laughing so hard, but here he is shortly after the geyser exploded.

Lots of help

I think Spencer was testing the dirt. I know he wasn't digging any dandylions!

As you can see, David had some help from Nathan testing the water flow when he was done.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Costco Tulips

I bought this on sale at Costco last week for $7.50
This is before.

Costco Tulips

This is after.

Snickerdoodle Plate

Randy... here's the Snickerdoodle plate from last night....SORRY!
(Looks like it's gonna be only sandwiches on the way
home tomorrow, unless I get busy and bake.)

Sunday Tornado

This is what my family room looks like after my six little tornadoes leave.