Monday, August 3, 2009

Stacie's Reception

Stacie and Zach's Wedding Reception was beautiful. I'm just sorry Dayna and some of the kids had the flu and couldn't fully enjoy it.

This is David and Bobby (famous for his BobbyQ Sauce), who catered the event.

The fruit and vegitable display were beautiful.

These are views of the newly constructed pergola,before and after sunset.

David helped Steve get it done in time for the reception. (I'm just glad no one was killed or maimed raising those beams, though I understand some pain killers were needed for muscles strained the process.)

Here are a few views of the lanterns for Kimi, who is using them for her reception this Saturday.
The hit of the night for the kids was the sweet table. Jars of candy were available for scooping up and into the little orange bags or your mouth. Levi enjoyed the Skittles.