Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fires and Floods

During the month of July, there have been a lot of wild fires throughout California, but the Piute Fire is the one we watched most because it had an impact on our family. Some members of our extended family are firefighters and were assigned to it and other fires. Also, it came within a few miles of Ryan and Karrie's property. A wind change could have made things much worse for them. As it was, they saw the flames over the hill and had bad air quality for awhile. Even here in Bakersfield, the morning sun looked red and the air was bad. When the rain came, it caused flooding. Ryan was on duty and got sent in to investigate a problem area on Saturday, July 12th. At around the same time, Karrie and the kids lost their electricity. She called Ryan to tell him about their predicament and all he said was, "I can't talk now, the helicopter's here to pick me up." Kacy tells her version of the events on Saturday and Sunday on this video:

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