Monday, August 25, 2008

Will's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Will's 4th birthday yesterday, although his birthday is actually today. Kacy thought we should put 3 candles on the cake since he wasn't quite 4 . He wanted a monster truck like Nathan had, so we made it a different color. I let all the kids help decorate, then we put it up high so Ed couldn't reach the donuts this time. It kind of melted as the pizza (Will's choice) was cooking, but nobody seemed to mind.
We had a good time watching Will open his presents and later had root beer floats. Will's a fast talkin', big smilin', tender hearted loveable kid. It's been fun to watch him grow into a terriffic four-year-old.

Last Days of Summer

The week before school started the grandkids came over and splashed around in the backyard one last time. I had to retire my puppy pool that I got when Nathan was the only one around. It just wouldn't hold air anymore. This new model hasn't got as much personality, but there are more pieces to throw around, and they had just as much fun!

Jessie & Ryan

We haven't seen Ryan too much this summer, because most of his days off have gone to either boys or girls camping excursions. But, one Sunday he was able to come for Sunday dinner and walked in carrying Jessie. She was really enjoying her dad, and did not even want to lift her head off his chest.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Backpacking 2009

Sky Blue Lake Basin
Dusk at Sky Blue Lake
Yup, That's someone swimming in
Sky Blue Lake
at over 11,000 feet elevation One of Ryan's scouts caught this guy.
Panoramic view of Mt. Whitney

The old folks (us) have decided we want a little adventure. So, David and I have drummed up a couples backpacking trip for August of 2009. That should give us time to lose a few (well, maybe more than a few) pounds and get in shape for a High Sierra trip. Our destination is Sky Blue Lake. When Ryan and Karl heard about this they started laughing. Keep in mind that both of them have been to the area we plan to go. Ryan just got back a couple of weeks ago after taking his scouts there, which is what got David jazzed on the idea. Me? I was actually SHOCKED when David suggested it. I love backpacking and could never get him to go. He hated backpacking in the days when we went to girls camp. I led the 3rd and 4th year hikes for several years, but David preferred to stay in camp with Pres. Davies. Maybe it's the picture of the golden trout that Ryan brought back that convinced him. I know it impressed Uncle Dandy. Anita said she would rather go on a cruise, but it might be do-able since we have a year to get ready. When Gaye told Karl he WAS going with us, he didn't seem too excited. His memories of the place date back to the 70's when he was YOUNGER and in better shape and he thinks it's TOO HARD for us now. We'll see, 'cause I'm not backing out.
P.S. I told Anita maybe we could do the cruise too. (How 'bout to somewhere with a tall mountain we could use to get acclimated.?)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Jessie's Eyes

The other day I watched the kids while Karrie went to buy food for Ryan's backpacking trip. This is how she looked when I went in to pick her up after Ed woke her up from her nap.

I think it's the flash from the camera that makes her look "surprised."