Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Karrie

Make three wishes Karrie!
I hope they come true.

Fishing in Alaska

David really enjoyed his trip to Alaska.
Here are a few fish pictures :
David showing off his "Yellow Eye".

This is the catch for the day for their boat.

Here, Steve is bringing in a salmon.

Nice catch!
This guy got the biggest halibut of their group. He got $10.00 from each of the other guys for the biggest halibut of the day, and a free trip for the largest of the trip. So that fish is worth about $2700.00 !It's all luck too. They bait up the rigs and rotate who hauls in the catch. First, they fish for salmon and the limit is one per day. After everyone has a salmon, they attempt catching halibut, with a two per day limit. The halibut swim on the bottom sideways. Notice in the picture that one side is light and one dark. Also, it's hard to see, but both of the eyes are on the dark side. At the end of the trip all the fish is combined and divided between the people on the boat, except the biggest halibut. David brought home one box of frozen fish weighing about 30 pounds. That's about $100.00 per pound fish. I think we'll really enjoy it.
I know many of you have been wondering about Steve's final fur selection. I believe he liked this "stripey" beauty best. He also hauled home a reindeer hide along with his frozen fish. David brought a duffel full of gifts home too. Our kids and grand kids each received a shirt from Sitka, all different. I hope to get a picture of all of them 'cause they are really cute, but for now here is Jessie sporting hers:
For me he chose beautiful pale aquamarine earrings which "capture the lucid beauty of the oceans. " According to saga, aquamarine originated on the treasure chest of fabulous mermaids and since ancient times has been regarded as the sailors lucky stone. Wearing one promises a happy marriage and is said to bring the woman who wears it joy and wealth. Wow! What a gift. I know David has some great memories of the days spent in Sitka.
Someday he wants to go again and show me around.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's not BBQ, but...

This is a dinner menu and pictures David sent from Alaska:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Got to Kill Fish

When I got home from the temple today I discovered David had sent me an e-mail with these pictures and the following message:
"No time to write. Got to kill fish."

Monday, June 16, 2008

More from Sitka

David and the guys arrived in Dove Island by boat yesterday. The place they are staying has a gourmet chef . Dinner last night was five courses and took and hour and a half. Prime Rib was the main attraction. What a life! Here are some pictures taken before they left Sitka:
Steve and Bobby (he's the one who makes THE barbecue sauce!)
Teddy ( Bobby's son) and David at the hatchery:The eagle release:

I haven't heard anything from them today. Hopefully, they were busy catching all kinds of fish! I spent last night and all day today at my mom's house. She fell yesterday afternoon and I wanted to make sure she could get along alright by herself, since she was having trouble walking.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sightseeing in Sitka

The guys spent the morning sightseeing in Sitka today. They went to the Rapture Center and got there just in time to see an eagle being released.
The Sitka Fur Company was another stop, which they seemed to have enjoyed a lot, since they went last night and also today. It was probably difficult for them to choose what kind of fox or sable coat to bring home to the wives to wear in Bakersfield. The Artic Brain Warmers ( hats with wolf heads) seemed to be their favorite.

I understand Steve is contemplating the purchase of this bargain.
(And I thought they would be taking pictures of totum poles and churches.)
Finally, they stopped in at the fish hatchery where millions of salmon are grown and released for spawning.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I just got a call from David in Sitka. They arrived safely and had just finished dinner. He could see the A T & T store from where he was calling and the reception was crystal clear. He said it was 40 degrees there. Tonight they will stay at the Sitka Hotel and, tomorrow, explore the town. Then, they will be picked up Sunday and transported to Dove Island to begin the fishing experience. He has internet and took his computer and my camera, so I'll be expecting him to post something on OUR blog for the first time. NO EXCUSES will be allowed !!!!

Ryan's Birthday Party

Ryan's 35th birthday was Tuesday. He was busy that day, so we arranged to have a little celebration here last night. After spending the day buying a new car (Mazda 5) and selling the van to Oscar and Jocelyn, everyone was hungry ready for dinner. All six of the "older" kids had stayed with me while their parents did all the car negotiating. They made cards for Ryan and were pretty well behaved. I only had two "time outs". Here's what Ryan picked for his dinner menu:
Grilled Tri-tip
Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters
Oven Roasted New Potatoes
Caesar Salad
Jello Cake
After we ate, Jocelyn had to leave fast to teach her enrichment class on "Blogging". The rest of us stayed to eat cake and open presents. As you can see above, the kids enjoyed watching as much as opening themselves.


Wednesday, David and I loaded up the wheelbarrow with the last of the apricots from the tree and I decided we'd better get busy and do something with them. I couldn't find my canning kettle, only the rack that holds the jars. I think the kettle part was absconded by people going to camp or something. So after a trip to Wal-mart to buy another one, I chopped, boiled, poured and sealed all day. With David's help, I came up with 38 jars of jam and syrup. Everything sealed properly. I tried several different recipes and methods, so evaluation will come later. But, with all that sugar how can you go wrong? We also have a freezer laden with frozen apricot halves for cobbler and some puree for fruit leather when Jocelyn finishes with the dehydrator.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Apricot Pickers

These are three of the best and cutest apricot pickers I've ever seen. They showed up at my house today ready for action. We had three buckets full in about five minutes. I think that's about how long the fruit leather Jocelyn is planning to make will last with these three HUNGRY snackers.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Levi's Blessing Day

I'm a pokey poster, but here's a shot of the Delgado's after church last Sunday when Levi was blessed. Spencer wasn't too excited about documenting the occasion, but it was a special day for me as a grandma. Thanks to all the family and friends who came to the blessing and our home to help make the day memorable.


Here's what happens when artichokes go to seed. Randy was over the other day and saw these in our garden. He asked me to honor them on a post.