Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Trip to Mesa

We recently took trip to Mesa to see David's Uncle Paul and his wife, Melba. It had been a long time since we had seen them and David also wanted to help Uncle Paul with some family history. They live across the street from the temple, so we took the opportunity to go there and also to the visitor's center where we saw the Joseph Smith video and the beautiful Christmas lights. While were sitting around talking one afternoon,Uncle Paul taught me how to make his famous hats so I could come home and teach Ellen. He's made over 1000 of them to give away to family and friends. We also took them out to lunch to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.
David and I are in front of the the visitor's center reflecting pool.

Aren't the lights pretty shining in the water?

Our last evening there, we went to Organ Stop Pizza with Paul and Melba and some of their family. It was quite an experience. This guy sits on a stage in a huge room with a balcony and plays requests from the audience. The organ also controls lights, mirror ball, puppet stages, other musical instruments, flags etc... It was amazing. I asked Melba if she was dying to get up on stage and play the organ. She was.

Monday, November 3, 2008

6 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Randy quite awhile ago and did not have time to respond, so I'll do it now:
1. I'm afraid of dogs.
2. I have a secret ambition to learn several languages. I know it will probably never happen, but I would like to at least learn one enough to be somewhat fluent.
3. I have never made Chow Mein and have wanted to for over a year. Anybody have a good recipe?
4. I am anti-social and prefer small gatherings. I would rather be in the kitchen than limelight.
5. I love poetry. When I was in college, sometimes I would go to the library and read John Keats instead of hanging out in the lounge at the Institute. (I guess that's proof I'm anti-social.)
6. I broke my back when I was sixteen by falling out of the cab of a red 1949 truck as it turned a corner.
I tag Carla J., Angela, Lee, Anita, Jeremy and Ryan.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I joined Jocelyn and the boys at 8:15 Friday morning for Orangewood School's Halloween costume parade. Jared got to hang with Nathan for a stroll around the blacktop.
Spencer followed Dracula in the parade.

Jared decided he preferred swinging...

...and sliding to walking and watching.
The alien mom and her youngest karate kid.
After the parade, Jocelyn and I spent the morning going between Nathan's and Spencer's classes. Nathan's class had a camp out complete with paper bonfire and tents. Nathan's teacher, Dr. Neal, read a couple of stories and then sent the kids to their tents.
I took Jared home for a lunch brake and returned at 12:30 to hold Levi while Jocelyn got the class treats ready. While I was gone, the class used compasses for their fun math treasure hunt activity. I read to the group in Nathan's tent until school was dismissed. Everyone had a good time. All the white karate outfits were covered in bright orange frosting.
After arriving home, David and I (mostly I...David napped) vacuumed and washed the Jeep and truck and got cupcakes and chili ready for the annual "Trunk or Treat" party. While I was washing vehicles, I think Jocelyn was washing the bright orange frosting and playground grime off the karate kid clothes. David had put his "bean less" chili in the crock pot Thursday night so he only had to add the finishing touches. Jocelyn took the boys to Granny's to "Trick or Treat" and then we set up our "trunks" by 6:00 at the church parking lot. I passed out treats and showed Halloween movies from the back of my Jeep with occasional help from Nathan and Spencer. I bought David the Frankenstein costume for $3.00 and even had green make-up for his face (donated by Jocelyn), but he wouldn't wear it. He did agree to put it on for 30 seconds for this picture. I was a witch.
Here's the Delgados at the end of the party, tired but happy.

Temple Security

Last Tuesday, while I was working at the temple, we got word that a group of Prop 8 opposers were going to deliver a petition to the prophet between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. In order to avoid any problems, they beefed up security and posted these guys at the front gate, which was half closed.
I came before the security detail arrived, but I heard that they screened those who drove up and planned to escort the petitioners to the area where the church is behind the temple for their delivery. We heard a megaphone during the morning, but it could have been coming from the school next door. When I left at 11:45 all I saw was these guys by the fence and someone talking to a television camera in front of the temple.