Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

We are so blessed to have our kids living nearby so they can celebrate with us at Christmas. Some of our extended family also joined us this year. On the Sunday evening before Christmas, David and I visited many of our good friends and dropped off gifts and bags of mandarins from our orchard. Then we came home and lit a beautiful fire. Jocelyn, Oscar and their kids came over to enjoy the fire and some popcorn. We read Christmas stories to the kids and kept warm and cozy.

On Christmas Eve we hosted an open house for anyone in our extended families who wanted to join us. We had a full house and everyone brought lots of good food. Some of Anita's kids were in town and my sister, Pat, brought her boyfriend Terry from Utah to join us.

Christmas morning Karrie, Ryan and the kids came down the mountain in time for breakfast with granny Ellen, Oscar, Jocelyn and the Delgado boys. It was great watching their faces as they opened presents. Later, we opened more presents with Karl, Gaye and their family. Even Lindsey's dad and Maureen joined us.

Prime rib dinner was at two and we really had a nice time enjoying everyone and eating MORE. Pat and Terry brought my mom over and Angela, Lee and Lucy drove up from Glendale to join us. Altogether, I think we had 28. Leo and Vickie came over a couple of days after Christmas.
Here are some pictures, I know there's a lot, but,'s practically my only post for December:

December Festivities

December has come and gone and nary a word from me was blogged. Maybe that says something about the goings on at the Bunting house the last few weeks. Our month was full, but fun. We worked hard to finish up the Casita enough to get Ellen moved in for Christmas. There are still things to be done, but she is now settled in her cozy chair and enjoys impromptu visits from all the great grandkids. She has been battling a cold but we started her on antibiotics and hopefully that will kick it. Today David and Karl got her satellite TV hooked up and adjusted. She can now begin many happy hours of channel surfing.

Maryellen's wedding was exciting and we are happy to have Brandon as part of the family. Last weekend another celebration was held for them in Fremont and they should have a trailer bursting with wedding gifts to haul to Provo next week. We wish them much happiness, but will miss them while they are away at school. This is the guest book/ favor table at the reception.

This was called the "Kissing Table"

This is the grooms cake. They also had a nice chocolate wedding cake with chocolate flowers and raspberry filling. All the food was yummy. David (my husband) , barbequed the pork loins which were served with the famous secret recipe "Bobby Q Sauce."

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanks Jocelyn !

I finally got a chance to check my blog tonight after all the family left and discovered Jocelyn has created a festive new holiday look for me. Thank you so much! I love it. Thanks also for the birthday wish, although many of those pictures should have been left DEEPLY burried in the lost archives! Thanks also to the commenters.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Cherie!

December 2nd is the birthday of the very best wife, mother, and grandma!!!