Friday, February 29, 2008


As I was stamping my bills, I got thinking what a difference esthetically pleasing things make. I really enjoyed sticking these pretty flower stamps on the envelopes. It actually made me smile!

I also love the smell of Satsuma. It helps me relax.

And, as I was washing my hands after working in the yard, mostly weeding, I appreciated the wonderfully pleasing smell of one of my favorite Bath and Body Work antibacterial hand soaps, Cherry Blossom.
This time of year my yard is mostly weeds, which are certainly not on my list of favorites. I haul off LOADS of green waste! But, when the daffodils start blooming, it makes me happy.

And when the peach blossoms appear, I grin from ear to ear.

I am especially fond of baby clothes. And I look forward to the birth of little Jessie and the still nameless Delgado baby boy #4 with great anticipation.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stuart's Funeral

Yesterday we attended the funeral of our friend, Stuart. It was a joy to be his friend and even to just be in the same room with him was entertaining. I have many good memories which will always make me smile when I think of him. Always busy and interested in everything and everyone, Stuart really enjoyed life. I will remember my dining table full of computer parts to be installed by David and him after a trip to the computer show or Fry's. Before they moved, we often enjoyed his company and his family on Sunday evening for dinner or just dessert. No one appreciated homemade rolls or peach cobbler or pie like Stuart. We made many trips to the temple with him and Ann. They aften arrived at our house late, but we always made it to the temple on time with Stuart driving. Most of the trip his head would be facing the back seat discussing things while he was going 80 and swerving to miss the ongoing traffic. We never got in an accident, but I don't know about those we passed! It took us until the end of the session to get relaxed. And no temple excursion was complete without a tapioca pudding at the cafeteria and a stop at Tommy's. Stu usually ate 2 and enjoyed every bite! He and Ann were a big help at both our kids weddings with anything that came up. We will miss him.
The funeral was a wonderful tribute to Stuart with many of his family and friends participating. The rain subsided long enough to allow the dedication of his grave at Hillcrest on the Hill of Valor.
Ann is recieving the flag.

We were glad to have a little time to talk to Ann's mother and brother, John, whom we had not seen for a few years. You can tell Ann's mom and David really enjoy teasing each other.

Stuart's Family

Stuart's family with spouses, grandchildren and Nevilles.

Spencer wasn't sure he liked the military gun salute.

Some of our clan in attendance.

Ronnie Ann and Ann

Someone offered to take my picture with Ann and Ronnie Ann.
I guess they thought my face would crack the lens.
We were able to have Eric and his family stay at our house since Sunday night while they were here for the funeral, and Sara and Brian since Monday. It was so fun to see them again and get to know Bryson and Carly. The last time I saw Bryson, he was a baby and I had never seen Carly. Now they call me grandma. too! I hope they have a good trip home to Utah and get a nap, because I know it's been a long, busy week for them.

Monday, February 18, 2008

World Ag Expo 2008

The Delgados invited me to join them for an outing to what we used to call the Tulare Farm Show and is now known as the World Ag Expo. It really is a world-wide event, since people in the ag industry come from all over the world and as you walk around to view the exhibits you hear many different languages spoken. For us, the point is to see if we can come away with more free stuff than we paid for the $10.00 entrance fee. It's not hard. We always end up eating that much worth of free samples of candy, fruit, nuts,chocolate milk and the like, as well as toting a bag of goodies that always contains a couple of fly swatters, a yardsticks, rulers, several pencil and pens, assorted key chains, coloring books, and interesting books and brochures on various ag topics. We bought our first Pink Lady apple tree at the farm show years ago. It was from Australia and always wanted to bloom at the wrong time of the year. I think the best give away is from GMC. Both last year and this they gave out leatherman tools. We just enjoy the experience of walking through throngs of people sporting plastic tote bags and looking for inovative ideas. Last year I bought an ironing board cover that has been known to last over 35 years. We'll see.
Here's the Delgados checking out a New Holland tractor,
and a John Deere.

Buckets need to be big enough for three.

I asked Spencer what his favorite thing was and he said," The Clydesdales. "
Nathan and Spencer trying out some Aussie hats.

This is what they thought of shopping at the Tulare Outlets after the Expo. Jared held up a pair of very short purple womens shorts and said,"Cute!" They kept me very entertained all day. On the way there, Spencer pointed out some "NAKED" semi's to me, in other words, those without trailers. Can't wait 'til next year. Until then, I'll have my Blue Diamond Almonds in various flavors to remind me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Little somethings I like to call
"Tornados Surpreme."
Can't wait for the next two!

Last Friday Karrie had a doctor appointment and some errands, so I got to watch the kids.The Delgado boys joined us and we had a blast. Karrie returned in the afternoon sporting new spring clothes, cool hairdo, fresh pedicure, and new shoes for all.
Saturday I got to work at the temple and had an opportunity to use my freshly learned Spanish for the first time! I was so scared, but excited too. I hope I'll feel more comfortable as I get more experience. Today I had my first trainee. She had been working in the Washingto D.C. Temple, but has moved back here. I really enjoyed helping her. Each time I walk into the temple I love and appreciate the opportunity to serve there more.
On Sunday, Leo, Vickie, Mariah, John, Becky and Vickie's mom , Sarah joined us for a birthday celebration for Ellen. She is now 95! We spent the day talking and eating (of course). And, everyone had to check out the new improvements to her casita. She's doing pretty well, but had a little fall this past week while brushing her teeth because of dizziness, the cause of which we haven't been able to pinpoint. She felt ok after I got her up so she and I went shopping for a new loveseat, but didn't find anything we were crazy about. By Monday she was feeling a little sore. She's such a trooper and just deals with it. We love her l lot.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Fun Visit

Brandon and Lena came for a fun visit this week along with their cute little ones, Kalisi, Will and Anna B. We had a great time and all nine kids really had fun. We popped some corn and headed to feed the ducks at Hart Park when the sun finally came out on Saturday.

We had some cold, rainy weather, so the kidos had some fun indoors with the light sabres and taking turns on PBSKIDS.ORG, their favorite computer pastime.

They wanted to check out David's bees, so we suited them up and took them out back for a look. Afterwards, we fixed some chicken and dumplings for lunch and I sent Jocelyn to take Ellen a bowl. We both forgot that the bees were agitated because we had disturbed their hives and Jocelyn ended up with a bee sting on her arm. The last time she was stung, she had to go to the doctor and found out she was allergic. We gave her Benadryl and she seemed a little better this morning.
We really enjoyed your visit! Come again soon.

New Assignment at the Temple

In January, Anita became our shift coordinator and I was asked to be the assistant coordinator for instruction (trainer) at the Los Angeles Temple.
We love working there and appreciate the opportunity to rise one hour earlier (1:45 a.m.) in order to get there in time to fulfill our assignments. At least I can come home and take a nap. Anita and Randy have to go to the office as soon as we arrive home. Today the grapevine and 58 are closed due to snow. We are hoping it clears up so we can get over in the morning,as we are excited to have a couple with six children being sealed tomorrow. That is very rare on our early Tuesday morning shift!

Wind, Rain & Fire!

January has been a windy and rainy (on and off) in Bakersfield. When LA and Fresno had record rainfall, we had some pretty good wind storms here. That caused a WHOLE BUNCH of tumbleweeds to blow into our fence. David set a little fire in the deep pit to get rid of them and also threw in some stuff Jocelyn and I had been saving for just such an occasion that was too much to put through the paper shredder.

Peggy's House

Buffy's mom, Peggy, has been negotiating for this house in Escondido with Barry's help. While we were in Escondido, we took a little trip with some other family members to look it over. Escrow finally closed a few days ago. Congratulations Peggy! Now David and Barry have to schedule a "fixer-upper week."

Jared's Birthday

Sweet little Jared's birthday was January 19th, so we had to miss it to attend Buffy's wedding. We had a little party the following weekend. He is such a cuty! We love him so much. I can't believe how many words he can say now. And you should see him JUMP! He's also amazingly clean for a two-year old, and can eat a popcicle without getting sticky!

Buffy's Wedding

David and I went south to help celebrate Buffy's wedding. We actually arrived Friday morning, January 18th, at the site of the reception in Vista and helped set up for the reception. From there, we hurried to Barry and Lee's house in Escondido to get ready to go to the San Diego Temple to be with Buffy as she reveived her endowment Friday evening. We stayed at Barry and Lee's house in Escondido, and Saturday, January 19th went back again for the sealing.
This is Buffy's side of the family: Ben (brother) Lloyd and Billie (paternal grandparents who came from Utah), Buff (father), Lance (groom) Buffy (bride), Peggy (mother) Barbara (maternal grandmother) Wendy (sister) Gwendolyn (niece), and Wayne (brother-in-law).
Buffy with her mom and dad

Since I was staying in the same house where these two guys live, I couldn't resist taking a picture of them on their tricycles. I don't really understand why their parents would want them to have tricycles, since I saw them crawling and....well....lets just say they are already cabable of traveling FAST. Big trouble is on the way when they start walking and actually pedal these things!

This is Buffy and her grandmother, Barbara, along with her mom, Peggy and all Peggy sisters (Jane, Becky, Diane, Carolynn and twin sister Pam) and brother Barry. In case you don't know how we are related, Barbara is David's sister.
Bird's of Paradise and goldfish were the table decorations. The favors were forture cookies. It was a great reception which included good company, good food and as always with the Baker clan, good entertainment. The highlight was Matt's impromptu dance with his mother, Lee to Elvis singing"Can't help Falling in Love". I didn't get a picture because my camera was in the kitchen and I didn't want to go get it and miss anything.