Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ed's Birthday Party

The Sorenson's (Karrie's parents) hosted a fun birthday party on Memorial Day for Ed. The pool was the main attraction, but the swimmers were persuaded to come ashore for awhile to get some yummy food.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Ed!

Walker Ed is one today.
He can walk and likes to play.
We love his smile and rosy cheeks,
It's awesome how he grows each week!
He's always been a happy boy,
Very sweet, and somewhat coy.
He loves to eat and weighs a ton!
Pick him up and you can't run.
Milkshakes are his favorite treat.
They help Ed to beat the heat.
Honda has become his friend,
Though Ed gets scratches now and then.
Ed shares his water, toys and food
And sleeps with him, if in the mood.
Papa and grandma love you lots
You're such a cute and charming tot!
We'll come to party by the pool.
Happy Birthday, Ed, you're very cool!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Right Stuff

Uncle Dandy has been frequenting the Bunting garage this week to spiffy up his tent trailer for the summer. I took a peek and discovered the most frequently used tools were a sledge hammer and a bottle of silicone lubricant. Now you all know David's secrets.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Gopher ???

No, it's actually David. He has been pulling the EXPENSIVE copper wire that will go from our house out to where the "casita's" will be. It cost $1450.00 for the wire to go 166 feet. David began pulling it yesterday and the wire snake came off about 15 feet short. So, today he dug a trench to find the pipe. He cut it and, with the help of Karl and I and some slimey stuff (clear glide lubricant), pulled the wire the rest of the way. Now he will fix the pipe and bury the hole and the grandmas will have electricity (after some other stuff is installed). Between the time David ordered the copper wire and picked it up, it went up to $1800.00. David convinced them he was promised the old price when he ordered it.

Jacob & Ezra's Visit

Yesterday was volunteer appreciation day at Orangewood School, so I watched the 5 boys while Monica and Jocelyn attended. When it was time to go home, all the boys complained. Jacob said, "I thought it was going to be boring." Can you imagine that...boring at the Bunting's?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kacy's Birthday Party

Blowing out the candles.
She requested a chocolate cake with sprinkles.
(which she put on)
This is Kacy watching Princess Lacy dance.

Kacy riding her new bike like a pro.

Got Problems??

They talk about just about everything, and could solve the world's problems. If you need something discussed or solved, submit it to this group. They also attended Kacy's fabulous party. I think they came for the food and entertainment.

Kacy's Birthday Party

Everyone had a great time at Kacy's party.

Family Tree

This is Kacy with her Grandmothers,
Great-grandmothers and Mom.
(4 Generations)

Kacy's 4 Great Grandma's

Great-grandmas Sorensen, Mayhall, Bunting and Jorgenson with Kacy at her 4th birthday party.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kacy !

Today our little Kacy's four.
She's sweet and loving that's for sure.
We love her curly, wild hair,
And giggles that she loves to share.
Her hugs will melt your heart, it's true!
And she is smart and clever too.
Her big brown eyes can beam so bright
They sing and smile and sparkle with light.
Her Roseday home is pink and fun.
And roses bloom there in the sun.
The dogs and grass are also pink,
And she can go there in a wink.
Her favorite blanket has one tie
That's longer than the rest, that's why
She loves it lots for cuddling tight
Before she goes to sleep each night.
She likes to talk and color too.
Happy Birthday, Kacy, to you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Porta-Potties for Mom

I'm the most fortunate woman in the world because I am married to an amazing man who is blessed with the talent and ability to build, create, fix or repair almost anything. (If he WANTS to and has the time and money) He is truly IRREPLACEABLE!

Now, many of you know that we have been thinking of building some little "Casita's" out back behind our peach orchard for our mother's. We think they need to be closer so we can assist them easier. The little homes we are planning will be temporary and mobile, like a modular home or park trailer. We have found it challenging to fit everything they will need in a small space, but today, David came up with a solution! We can now totally do away with their bathrooms and add that valuable space to the living area. They can use the PORTA-POTTIES David brought home today instead!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tractor Demolition

Spencer and Jared had a little demolition game going today. Spencer would pick up the tractor and give it a toss hoping all the pieces would come apart. Then he and Jared would reassemble it and ....toss it again. they must have done this twenty times. Spencer likes to fix things (like Papa David). If there isn't anything to fix, he'll see that something occurs that make repairs necessary.


Honda seemed to like the little strip of shade on the grass at the end of the patio today. Kacy joined him. They are already good buds.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Women's Night Out

I have some pictures of the ladies of our ward at La Mina's celebrating Mother's Day by having a women's night out, but I took them with my Razr and the software that allows me to download stopped working and won't recognize my camera phone. David was even unsuccessful in restoring it. Oh well, I finally replaced my stolen camera and the new one, a Canon SD 800 IS, is ready for a test drive. I'll have to wait for the grandkids to come tomorrow for that. The only excitement today is rolling Grandma J's hair and spraying Round-up on my weeds.
Meanwhile, I found this picture of Zebra's laughing,
which I didn't take, but I thought was fun.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Eating Ice Cream

It's a marathon...
Spencer's still eating his dinner and Jared finished dinner and ice cream before Spencer was done, although a lot of it landed on his shirt. Nathan came in second.

Blowing out the candles...

Jocelyn didn't have too much trouble blowing out her candles since she's not that old. We had two "decade" candles and seven "year" candles. She enjoyed spreading out her birthday celebration over several days.