Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Barry and Lee 's Visit

Barry and Lee came up from Escondido for a few days so David and Barry could continue working on Barry's Mustang . They came Friday and stayed until Monday evening. It was great to have them here and David and Barry even made some progress on assembling the engine despite having to return several times to the parts store to get the right stuff. Lee and I did some shopping and talking and preparing for Karrie's birthday dinner. We hope they'll come back soon.

Monday morning we made pancakes to try out a new batch of apricot syrup. It was YUMMY! After breakfast, Barry stood up and realized his back end felt a little "sticky." We all came to see why and discovered the reason: My grand kids had eaten dessert at the kitchen table on Sunday. We had wiped off the table, but not the chairs after they finished. BIG MISTAKE. A glob of ice cream that had been left on the chair overnight had rubberized and adhered Barry to the chair! Better him than us.

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Katie said...

Oh those pants of my father's are just amazing. A little sticky dessert adds to the fabulous-ness;)