Monday, July 21, 2008

July 3 Loveridges Come to Vist Bakersfield

I have been busy with life and blog posting has been put on hold for a few weeks, so I am going to attempt to catch up. David has hinted several times that he has seen enough of me being "Stranded at the Temple" which happened July 1st.

A couple of days after I was rescued by my "irreplaceable" husband, we were happy to welcome the Loveridges to Bakersfield for a long anticipated visit. They are SOOO much fun, and they bring chocolate!! When they arrived I was taking my mom to the doctor, so David welcomed them by having the kids pick oranges to juice. The kids loved it, as do my own grand kids. We had gallons!
After I arrived home, we got some blankets, chairs and edibles together and joined the Delgado's for a trip to Shafter High for a fireworks show. Thanks Carla for telling us about this event. It was lots of fun and we had a great place for the kids to play while we waited for it to get dark.


Carla said...

Next time we're stiitng where you sat! I never even realized you could sit over there. We're always right in the middle of the track which is pretty crowded.

Lenna said...

Our life has neatly divided itself into "before and after Bakersfield". The kids say things like, "Remember after we got back from Bakersfield..." or "Did we see that movie before or after Bakersfield?"...

Thank you so much for another FUN time. Each time we see you all, we learn more about you to love!