Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Clara 's Arrival

What better way is there to get back to blogging than to announce the arrival of a new grandaughter? Clara Delgado arrived this morning, a few days early, at 2:16 a.m. She weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces and was 21 1/4 inches long. The Delgado boys were a little late for school because I took them to the hospital to welcome her to the family. They were all delighted with her. Jocelyn and I can't wait to get started trying on all that new pink stuff.. Their favorite thing about her was her beautiful, silky hair. Jocelyn is doiing great and is hoping to home this afternoon. I can't wait to hold her again!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Bunch of Amateurs

I changed the name of my blog in honor of our family's new pastime. Ryan started it all awhile back when he decided to increase the number of people in Kern Valley available to transmit information in an emergency. He did this by passing a test so he could become an amateur radio operator. In certain emergencies, it is likely that most of us won't be able to use our cell phones, and we want to be prepared! Last fall, David found out that there are not very many members of our church in Bakersfield qualified to pass information in an emergency, so he studied up and also passed the test to become a "technician" level operator ( same as Ryan). Oscar and his brother, Andres, followed, also becoming "technicians ." In January, Oscar upgraded to "general" the same day Jocelyn passed her "technician" test. Karrie joined the ranks a couple of weeks ago. I hope I don't shame the family by being the only one who can't pass the test. I'm a little backward when it comes to knowledge of electricity. Isn't it magic? I've always thought so. I'll find out if I've learned enough tomorrow night. David is going with me to take the "general" exam. There are a bunch more friends and family who said they will be there. We'll see.
Anyway, about SPURIOUS EMISSIONS...( I love saying that, it sounds like dangerous rays or or something coming from outer space. ) What it actually is, according to my new found knowledge of radio is "emission on a frequency or frequencies which are outside the necessary bandwidth and the level of which my be reduced without affecting the corresponding transmissions of information. Spurious emissions may include harmonic (I love that word too.) emissions, parasitic emissions, intermodulatulation products and frequency conversion products but exclude out-of band emissions." In case you were wondering, "HARMONICS are electric voltages and currents that appear on the electric power system as a result of certain kinds of electric loads. Harmonic frequencies in the power grid are a frequent cause of power quality problems." See my point?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pepper Spray Experiment

While Jocelyn and I were checking out some online coupons to print, Spencer tried an experiment with PEPPER SPRAY. He came running in the office hysterically crying that he had hit his head on a table in the toy room, all the while his hands were trying to scrape something off his lips and tongue. Suspicious! Jocelyn investigated and found the pepper spray from her purse on the counter in the kitchen with drips still clinging to the edge of the bottle. I looked up the antidote online and there is none. Water will not help, but, if it's on your skin, milk might. They suggest a solution of 25% Dawn and 75% water, since it's a oil, but that's not too cool if the pepper spray is on your lips and in your mouth. They suggest staying calm and quiet. Yea, right! 15 minutes later Spencer was down to a whimper and 30 minutes later he told his mom he had good news, "His lips were not burning." The bad news? None.

Grandma J's House - updated to sell

We have had Grandma J's house updated to make it more marketable.
All the old brown panneling and wallpaper were removed.
Outside trim, eaves and garage door were painted.
The interior received a modern two-tone look.
Lighter colored floor coverings were installed.
Cabinets were refinished.
Updated light fixtures are in the works.
(David and I purchased them and plan to install them soon.)
Dining Room
(The fan is going to be replaced.)
Living Room

Family Room


Upper Oven Cabinet

Upper Cabinets

Lower cabinets and new floor covering
We are looking for a good deal on new appliances.
Any suggestions?
There is currently a double oven and electric coil cooktop.
We are thinking of replacing them with a convection oven/microwave combo,
and a smooth cooktop.
Also in the plans:
Fix the sprinkler valves.
Repair the front gate.
Trim the trees and bushes.
Plant some pretty flowers in front for curb appeal.
Maybe some base moulding.
Wash windows.
Make a couple of trips to the dump!
Anybody in the family want the old window coverings?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guests... and more guests

We were pleased to have some of our family come through Bakersfield this week and visit us. Barry dreamed up the whole thing. In anticipation of his mother's (Barbara's) 90th birthday later this year he wanted to talk to some of the relatives to get some interesting facts about her younger years. So... Barbara hitched a ride from Sacramento with Buffy and Lance who had been up there visiting. They all landed here for a fun couple of days. Barry and Lee drove up from Escondido and joined the group on Friday. We had a Bunting style feast to celebrate.

Levi and I cooked up some Peach Cobbler for dessert. We served Tri-Tip, Relief Society Potatoes, Carrots, French Bread and Green Salad.

Saturday the Delgado's joined us again and we had a great time talking more over breakfast. Lots of pancakes and Bunting's organic brown eggs were consumed.

David and I had met up with Nadine, Deanna and Susie in the L.A. Temple on Tuesday. Nadine was scheduled for back surgery Wednesday, so Sue and her mom drove down from Northern California and and met Deanna, who flew in from Utah. They arrived a couple of days early and stayed in the temple apartments. Tuesday is my day to serve at the temple, so while I served my shift, David , Nadine, Deanna and Sue went on sessions. Afterward we had lunch together in the temple and visited awhile in their apartment before heading home to Bakersfield. After surgery, Deanna flew home and Sue and her mom came to Bakersfield for Nadine to convalese at Nadine's sister' home. Sue came over Sunday night to chat awhile. (See above pic) Nadine's doing well and David is planning to take her to her follow-up appointment next Thursday.
Lee and Barry came back to Bakersfield on Monday after their sprint up the state to Sacramento to take Barbara back home and see Aunt Helen. We all went out for Italian food. I probably gained back everything I lost the beginning of the month.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jared's 4th Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Jared's Birthday on Sunday with all the cousins.

Jocelyn made him a robot cake letting all the kids help, of course.

Here, they are all getting ready to sing to the birthday boy:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Give a Day - Get a Disney Day

Our most frugal family member, Jocelyn, told us how we could give some service and get a FREE voucher for a day at Disneyland. The offer gives a list of organizations for you to select where you want to give your service. We picked Project Linus since I like to make quilts. David helped put them on the frames. When I turned my quilts in yesterday, Michele told me she had answered 4000 e-mails. Her living room was full of blankets and quilts.