Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barbara and Carolynn's Visit

David's sister, Barbara and her daughter, Carolynn came to see us on the 10th of July. We were the last stop on their way home. They had come from Escondido after visiting the relatives there for the 4th of July. Barbara and Carolynn are frequent traveling companions and had also been up to Oregon and Washington visiting other family members there. They shared some pictures of their trip to Mt. Rushmore with Becky and Larry and also some of Pam and Tom's new house. Ryan, Karrie and their kids joined us for dinner along with Ellen. Ryan had come earlier to try out some food for his upcoming backpacking trip with the scouts. While the dehydrated refried beans were pretty tasty, we opted to serve Chicken Parmesan with homemade breadsticks for dinner and some Peach Cobbler.
The next day Carolynn and I went looking for some additions to her Polish Pottery collection and were happy to locate a plate she wanted and a pretty oval serving platter. I picked out a cute little sauce pitcher. Barbara had a nice visit with Ellen while we were gone shopping. I think this piece, called a "cheese lady", is what I might buy next:

I think it would be fun for serving pancakes.

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