Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Bear with the Delgados - Day 2

Friday, we were a little slow getting up. Levi had decided to play for a couple of hours in the wee hours of the morning, so Jocelyn didn't get too much sleep and the boys were wore out from all the "surprises" the day before. So we took our time getting breakfast and packed up to go home. When all was ready, we headed over to the Moonridge Animal Park. Everyone but me had been there earlier in the week. Season tickets had been purchased, with guests allowed, so we had to take advantage of that.
The zoo is kind of like CALM. They take injured or sick animals and release them later, if possible. It's on two and a half acres and has kind of evolved over the years, like CALM. However, we were told they have lost the lease and have purchased property over near the Discovery Park. After accumulating 12 million in donations, they are going to build a new park in two years. Right now the hottest attractions are the grizzly bears, a mom and two cubs, and the snow leopard. The area also is home to 13 bald eagles, and they have an injured one at the zoo.

The Grizzly Bears

A black bear is looking into his swimming pond

probably wondering why they drained it.

The boys are looking at a blue heron. The zoo has several nice birds.

Jared liked this little owl and spent a long time looking at it.

Nathan wasn't too perky the last day and was resting here.

This snow leopard was hiding in the bushes during our visit.
He's one of only a few animals there that are not from the area.

We saw this little African Pygmy Hedgehog at a noontime program. Only about 6 inches around, he was taken in by the zoo even though he's not indigenous to the area. Someone had him as a pet, which is illegal in California, and punishable by a fine and time in jail.

We left the zoo and went out to lunch, then home. It was a really fun place to visit, and I would love to go again with David. It's only 3 hours from here.

Thanks for inviting me, Delgados!

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