Monday, February 18, 2008

World Ag Expo 2008

The Delgados invited me to join them for an outing to what we used to call the Tulare Farm Show and is now known as the World Ag Expo. It really is a world-wide event, since people in the ag industry come from all over the world and as you walk around to view the exhibits you hear many different languages spoken. For us, the point is to see if we can come away with more free stuff than we paid for the $10.00 entrance fee. It's not hard. We always end up eating that much worth of free samples of candy, fruit, nuts,chocolate milk and the like, as well as toting a bag of goodies that always contains a couple of fly swatters, a yardsticks, rulers, several pencil and pens, assorted key chains, coloring books, and interesting books and brochures on various ag topics. We bought our first Pink Lady apple tree at the farm show years ago. It was from Australia and always wanted to bloom at the wrong time of the year. I think the best give away is from GMC. Both last year and this they gave out leatherman tools. We just enjoy the experience of walking through throngs of people sporting plastic tote bags and looking for inovative ideas. Last year I bought an ironing board cover that has been known to last over 35 years. We'll see.
Here's the Delgados checking out a New Holland tractor,
and a John Deere.

Buckets need to be big enough for three.

I asked Spencer what his favorite thing was and he said," The Clydesdales. "
Nathan and Spencer trying out some Aussie hats.

This is what they thought of shopping at the Tulare Outlets after the Expo. Jared held up a pair of very short purple womens shorts and said,"Cute!" They kept me very entertained all day. On the way there, Spencer pointed out some "NAKED" semi's to me, in other words, those without trailers. Can't wait 'til next year. Until then, I'll have my Blue Diamond Almonds in various flavors to remind me.

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