Monday, February 4, 2008

Fun Visit

Brandon and Lena came for a fun visit this week along with their cute little ones, Kalisi, Will and Anna B. We had a great time and all nine kids really had fun. We popped some corn and headed to feed the ducks at Hart Park when the sun finally came out on Saturday.

We had some cold, rainy weather, so the kidos had some fun indoors with the light sabres and taking turns on PBSKIDS.ORG, their favorite computer pastime.

They wanted to check out David's bees, so we suited them up and took them out back for a look. Afterwards, we fixed some chicken and dumplings for lunch and I sent Jocelyn to take Ellen a bowl. We both forgot that the bees were agitated because we had disturbed their hives and Jocelyn ended up with a bee sting on her arm. The last time she was stung, she had to go to the doctor and found out she was allergic. We gave her Benadryl and she seemed a little better this morning.
We really enjoyed your visit! Come again soon.


Katie said...

Oh boy, Alan and I need to get up there soon! Looks like Brandon and Lena had a great visit:)

Eliza said...

You guys are such great hosts. I love bringing my kids out there because there is sooooo much for a little kid to discover in your backyard.