Monday, February 4, 2008

Last of the Mandarins

We had a great crop of mandarin oranges this year and January brought the end of the season. David stripped the remaining fruit off the trees on the 16th and we took the last boxes with us to Escondido to share with the relatives who came to celebrate Buffy's wedding. David enlisted the Delgado boys help to make a great big picture full of juice. We shared it with Barbara, Carolynn, Diane, Earl and Jared (their son) who stayed overnight with us on the way to and from Escondido to attend the wedding. They all live in northern California. It was really yummy!

1 comment: said...

Bummer! I really liked those mandarins. Yes, we are coming this weekend and I was thinking I would grab another bagful. Oh well!
Is there something we can bring for dinner on Sunday? What time is church? I guess I should just write you an email!
See you soon,