Friday, February 29, 2008


As I was stamping my bills, I got thinking what a difference esthetically pleasing things make. I really enjoyed sticking these pretty flower stamps on the envelopes. It actually made me smile!

I also love the smell of Satsuma. It helps me relax.

And, as I was washing my hands after working in the yard, mostly weeding, I appreciated the wonderfully pleasing smell of one of my favorite Bath and Body Work antibacterial hand soaps, Cherry Blossom.
This time of year my yard is mostly weeds, which are certainly not on my list of favorites. I haul off LOADS of green waste! But, when the daffodils start blooming, it makes me happy.

And when the peach blossoms appear, I grin from ear to ear.

I am especially fond of baby clothes. And I look forward to the birth of little Jessie and the still nameless Delgado baby boy #4 with great anticipation.


Jocelyn said...

Wednesday night I was sitting on the couch and I got a wiff of the satsuma off my clothes from being there earlier...mmmmmm I love that stuff. I also love everything else on your list, my favorite soap flavor (I'd eat it if I could) right now is...brown sugar fig.

lacey said...

I love satsuma too! The best smell ever- even mixed with Exotic. Man, they sure know how to get a consumer attached to a product.

A perfect list of favorites!

Jordan & Nikki said...

What pretty things! I'll have to smell satsuma sometime.

Congrats on grandbaby Jessie!