Monday, April 16, 2007

Swarm on Saturday

Saturday, when David and I went out to check the garden, we noticed a swarm of bees in the peach tree. (I wasn't surprised, after all the bee activity I had noticed Friday when I was weeding.) Anyway, here he is putting them in a new home. After he got this swarm he found another on the backhoe which was parked near the hives.


David & Amanda said...

Well, I guess you can say that those bees were barking up the RIGHT tree. I would have died if that was in my yard. Your roses are beautiful!

Papa Randy said...

David "bee" careful when you go after bees. Hey Nathan, Do you know why bees buzz?

If someone stole your honey and nectar you buzz too. (that's a knee slapper)

Shaun & (mostly) Aimee said...

Even though I am nearly a Bee Keeping Pro (Ha! I put on the suit once!), that still would have been a bit daunting. Go David! Beautiful Picture!

My class has loved looking through the pics we took while robbing the bees in March. I made a book out of it and it's in our classroom library. Needless to say, it's always checked out! They think I'm the coolest becasue of you! Thanks!