Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

We had a wonderful Easter with the family beginning with church in the morning. After everyone re-grouped at our house, we had tooo much food, including a delicious new Berry Trifle made by Jocelyn. After lunch was the Easter Egg Hunt and decorating Easter cookies. Then we decorated the Playdough filled eggs we found on the hunt with stickers while eating...candy. Kacy asked me if her teeth were really going to fall out like her mom said. I told her if she brushed them every morning and night they might not.
Ready for the hunt with their personalized ice-cream buckets.
Granny said...GO!
Resting a minute for a picture
Jared didn't find too many eggs, but he had fun carrying his bucket around and keeping an eye on Ed.

When they were done, we counted up and there were a few unfound eggs. It happens every year. The ants are happy!
You might ask, "Where are all the BIG boys missing in the pictures?" Well, Papa David, Uncle Karl, Ryan and Oscar were all sleeping or resting in the house. You would think they did all the cooking and hunting for eggs...or did all that eating made them sleepy?

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