Friday, April 27, 2007

Sailing Away....on the front lawn???

The other day Jimmy and Justin came over. Ryan had just got back in town from his motorcycle trip to Nevada, and Karrie was in town for a dentist appointment. I had been babysitting Kacy, Will & Ed. The Delgados joined us and I think Karl came by too. It kinda turned into a "see if we can figure out Ryan's Catamaran on the front lawn party". Everyone joined in. I think they put some of the parts together and decided it might be fixable, but maybe a little more expensive than they originally thought. Anyway, everyone had fun even though it was COLD and WINDY that day. I ran in to document the event, and remembered my camera had been stolen, so I dug up my OLD one. It took me a few minutes to remember how it worked, but at least I can take pictures now.
An "incident" that followed the lawn party involved David going to the garage to find a tool and discovering that the robbers had stolen his $650.00 laser level and Karl's transit (which he hadn't noticed before). He was very upset and got on the excavator which he had been repairing for Matt and headed for Friebel's back yard to "excavate" Dean's little "area of nastiness" as Jocelyn put it. He probably was mad enough that he would have done it, but Ryan jumped on and turned off the key. He told David it probably wasn't such a good idea.

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Papa Randy said...

Both of your are just adorable. Jared's hair does look a little messy, but yours is just fine. The pony tail gives you that Olivia Newton John look.