Friday, April 13, 2007

Radishes ???

I went out to weed the garden and found my radish leaves had been devoured by the rabbit. ( At least I'm guessing it was him, since I didn't actually see it happen.) Well, at least everything else is still there. I don't like radishes much anyway and I planted them mostly for my mom. Maybe they will grow new tops.
So, I finished weeding the garden and watered it. While hoeing the bean row, I heard some buzzing...It was a swarm of bees. They went up above me over the garden, buzzing madly, and then flew off to the neighbor's eucalyptus trees. Last year we were able to get a lot of the swarms because they seemed to like the plum tree in the garden and would go there long enough for us to caputre them and put them into a new hive. We replaced that tree because it wasn't producing, so I guess they found greener pastures.

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