Monday, March 3, 2008

Jessie is here!

Here is baby Jessie. She was born yesterday evening in the hallway of Mercy Southwest. She weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces and is 20 inches long. We think she looks like Kacy except her hair is a little longer and darker, like Will's. She has no curls yet, but that may change. Her eyebrows look lighter than her hair.
Ed explored every corner of the room.

Kacy couldn't wait to hold her new sister, and noticed every tiny detail.
Will got a turn to hold her too. We are all very pleased, to say the least. As Kacy said, "She's ADORABLE!


Eliza said...

Hip Hip Horay!!! I know Karrie is feeling a little relief. Jessie looks so cute (sometimes you gotta fib but not with this one) Congratulations Bunting family.

Lee said...

Congratulations to the Buntings, what a fun thing to bring a baby into the family! She is beautiful!and what a great story....You might say, Jessie wanted to be on the scene for all of the future pictures taken of her.

A big Congrats!

Monica said...

Congratulations grandma!! Just a few more weeks till the next one!