Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter is such a wonderful holiday! I love the springtime. And, I am so grateful for the time set aside to remember the atonement. We had good speakers at church and the choir sang "Consider The Lilies", one of my favorites. The kids in nursery were great. We talked about the Savior, decorated some cookies for our snack time and glued some pretty flowers on our activity projects. After church, we gathered together for dinner with our kids and grand kids. We also had David's mom, my mom, Leo, Vickie, Mariah, John, Becky and Sarah (Vickie's mom) join us for dinner this year. Jocelyn brought a honey baked ham , Sarah brought a jello salad and we added a turkey, fruit salad, party potatoes, asparagus, and rolls. For dessert, fresh strawberry and razzleberry pie.

After dinner Karl stopped in before heading off to work, so we sang "Happy Birthday" and the EASTER EGG HUNT was on...
The granny's enjoyed sitting in the shade and watching the kids find eggs.

Some of the small ones needed a little help.

Nathan adding to his collection.
Pink eggs are great for boys too!
Jared loved it! He looked completely tuckered out when the day was over.
Kacy had no trouble finding her share.

Will found some in the geraniums.

1 Ed caught on fast!

After all the eggs were found, we went to the back yard and played with the bubbles and play dough.Ed's trying to figure out how the bubbles come out.
Jessie was too little to hunt eggs this year, but I bet she'll be joining in next year! She weighs about as much as the ham. She contributed to the fun by just being soft and cute. Lindsay, David, Jimmy, and Gaye joined us later in the evening for pie and the decorating of the cookies.


Eliza said...

Looks like the Buntings had a blast! A few quick comments:

1. The Grannys are adorable.

2. I didn't hardly recognize Will without his hair. The summer cut is really cute.

3. Didn't Karrie JUST have a baby? My goodness she looks great!!

Lenna said...

This all goes without all really know how to party. Loved the pictures. said...

We had a great time. Thanks for having us at your Easter celebration. I enjoyed holding Jessie and seeing all the other kids. They are all adorable.