Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Garden Planting Time

We planted our garden on Saint Patrick's Day this year. It usually takes me two or three days to get it all in, but this year I had some helpers. Jocelyn had a doctor's appointment, so Nathan, Spencer and Jared came over ready to work with me and David while she was getting the baby checked. It was a beautiful day, slightly cool. Nathan and Spencer planted every other plant for me and Jared helped them pat down the dirt. After we had done a few rows, they thought it was time for watering. Although the garden is on a drip system, the boys convinced me we should use the watering can. Jared especially liked that! During one fill-up session, Nathan apparently forgot about lefty loosey and righty tighty, and ended up watering himself.
A new artichoke plant
Filling up!
Spencer somehow got a sliver in his hand and spent the remainder of the morning sitting in the chair watching and refusing to let us extract it. He was also a little under the weather from a fever. Jocelyn came home and brought lunch for the boys to eat on the patio. As they were eating, the shivers began and we had to retrieve blankets from the house. Maybe that was because after meal treats were fudgecicles!


Jocelyn said...

Those are some cute mess faces. I'm glad grandma can share her green thumb with them. :)

Lenna said...

Kalisi and Will enjoyed these pictures with me....the garden looks like so much fun!