Friday, March 14, 2008


For those of you who have been wondering why Easter is so early this year, I have the answer: I heard on the radio this morning from our Bakersfield weatherman, Miles Muzio, that it is the Sunday following the first full moon after March 20th and that it was determined in 325 A.D. The earliest possible Easter is March 22nd and the latest is April 25th.

While I was posting this, David came running in from putting a swarm of bees in a hive and asked me to see if there was a stinger stuck in his shirt on his back. As I was looking, a bee BUZZZED up from his pant leg right into my hair and got stuck. David was looking for it, (not fast enough for me!) but couldn't find it. Apparently my hair is the same color as a bee.
So, I got STUNG on the top of my head!


Jocelyn said...

Leave it to Miles for all the interesting fun facts.

Eliza said...

I'm obsessing a little over the bee stinging your head. I can't tell you how SCARED I am of stinging insects.