Monday, March 3, 2008

Belly Shot

We had the gang over for dinner after church Sunday and as we sat around the table Karrie casually stated she had started labor earlier in the day, but it had stopped. They asked if I would mind having the kids stay over if things progressed and she went to the hospital. Yea! I was so excited! After dinner we decided to take a shot of the two belly's. Jocelyn's due in about 5 weeks. Well, Jessie was born about 20 minutes after we took this picture. She was lucky Ryan's a good driver and CHP guy! When I got to the hospital today with Ryan and the other 3 kids in tow, they were all talking about the baby born in the hallway.

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Katie said...

WOW!! What a crazy delivery story she will have to tell! Most definitely a good thing Ryan can drive super fast!!