Monday, May 7, 2007

Uncle Dandy's new hobby

Uncle Dandy came over to Papa David's garage Saturday to use the drill press... He came to drill holes in colorful (florescent pink, yellow and green) golf balls to make more games like he took to Jason and Christina's and left there because they liked it so much. He's anticipating lots of fun when the grand kids come next month. I was planning to go to Wal-mart to buy some of the wonderful golf balls too.....but then I remembered the croquet set I bought for my grand kids recently. They used the mallets as weapons to try and kill each other and to re-arrange my landscaping. I was told yesterday (by Papa David) that they have to be hidden away for some future time because they were still trying to maim each other and also because (among other NAUGHTY things) they climbed the trellis and swung at the cherry trees to try and get the cherries they couldn't reach. You might think these kids are never supervised. Sometimes they are, but yesterday we adults really were busy with....BRANDON. Brandon is Maryellen's boyfriend. She came home Friday and brought him to meet the family. And she gave warning so we could be prepared! I had the family over Sunday for dinner to belatedly celebrate Jocelyn's birthday, but also so we could put Brandon on the GRILL. We sat him on a chair in the middle of the family room and asked questions. He really didn't think we were going to do it..he thought we were just kidding when we told him what we had planned. Maryellen just sat next to me chuckling. We asked questions like this from Ryan, "Single action or semi- automatic and why? This from Oscar (in Spanish), " What's your favorite food?" (Brandon went to Peru on his mission.)From Karrie, "Explain the difference between pie and cobbler." (Very important in our family) The pivotal question was when he was asked to explain why he had made Maryellen a blanket for Christmas. The men thought it was a little weird for a guy to do that, although some of these same men were wearing PINK yesterday. Anyway... you get the idea. Poor Brandon! He was a good sport through it all and I think he passed inspection. It was clear that he loves Maryellen, even though he probably thinks her family is a bunch of crazies.

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Papa Randy said...

The thing about a good mallet is you can use it to help Dean see the light or maybe see less light depending on your perspective. You can use the mallet to hit him in the mullet so to speak.