Friday, May 4, 2007

CSI Bakersfield

An official police stake-out took place today on our property. This morning an investigator from the State Department of Corrections knocked on my door and asked me questions about "the people who live next door." I gave him an earful about what had been going on recently. He was looking for a man who had comitted a murder/robbery in Fresno about a month ago. The man he murdered was the brother of his girfriend, and when she heard what had happened, she comitted suicide.

The officer had recieved information that the murderer guy (Tim) was dropped off next door when he arrived in Bakersfield. The investigators have been watching the area for a couple of days. He gave me a picture of the guy and his business card in case I saw him. He said, "Be careful, He's armed and dangerous and doesn't have much to loose.." A distinguishing feature of Tim was that he had the number 13 tatooed on his neck. I spent much of the day outside weeding, but didn't spot any seedy characters at all, although I did see Dean down at the liquor store on the corner of Weedpatch Hwy. and Breckenridge Road when Jocelyn and I went shopping . This afternoon, I got another call from an investigator from the Fresno Police Department. He also got an earful from me, and then asked if he could come and stake-out Dean's little area from our place to see if he showed up. He was here until dark. About an hour ago he called to tell us they had apprehended the guy at the corner liquor store. Dean was not there with him. Needless to say, I'm relieved, but would feel better if I knew more about Dean's involvement.

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