Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kacy !

Today our little Kacy's four.
She's sweet and loving that's for sure.
We love her curly, wild hair,
And giggles that she loves to share.
Her hugs will melt your heart, it's true!
And she is smart and clever too.
Her big brown eyes can beam so bright
They sing and smile and sparkle with light.
Her Roseday home is pink and fun.
And roses bloom there in the sun.
The dogs and grass are also pink,
And she can go there in a wink.
Her favorite blanket has one tie
That's longer than the rest, that's why
She loves it lots for cuddling tight
Before she goes to sleep each night.
She likes to talk and color too.
Happy Birthday, Kacy, to you!


Papa Randy said...

There is no doubt this girl is a keeper. Happy Birthday Kacy.

JoceyBee said...

Super cute poem mom! :)