Friday, May 25, 2007

Gopher ???

No, it's actually David. He has been pulling the EXPENSIVE copper wire that will go from our house out to where the "casita's" will be. It cost $1450.00 for the wire to go 166 feet. David began pulling it yesterday and the wire snake came off about 15 feet short. So, today he dug a trench to find the pipe. He cut it and, with the help of Karl and I and some slimey stuff (clear glide lubricant), pulled the wire the rest of the way. Now he will fix the pipe and bury the hole and the grandmas will have electricity (after some other stuff is installed). Between the time David ordered the copper wire and picked it up, it went up to $1800.00. David convinced them he was promised the old price when he ordered it.


kiahnaw said...

That gopher shot is classic, I will have to forward it to my parents.

Shaun & (mostly) Aimee said...

What a great picture. Davd your capacity continues to amaze me. You can do anything!