Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ryan's Pad

Saturday evening David and I headed up the canyon to Ryan's. He's been using the bulldozer to dig down two feet for the sub-floor of his home. David help was needed to make sure it was level. According to the laser level, they were not more than and inch off anywhere when they finished.
Here they are double checking measurements,

and getting some shade from the 'dozer.
Kacy is standing where her new bedroom will be.
David and I nicknamed Ed "Bulldozer" while we were there. He was rolling, tumbling, running, sliding and whatever else there is to do in the dirt. Here he is enjoying a popcicle coated in dirt. The mounds of dirt behind him are not mountains, but the dirt displaced by Ryan.

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Papa Randy said...

BULLDOZER - Wow. That is the perfect nick name for "Big Ed". Maybe it can be shortened to "Dozer".