Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th at the beach

David and I decided to go to visit the Beach Bunting's for the 4th of July this year. We went to the temple Tuesday morning together and left for Arroyo Grande after my shift ended around noon. David spent the afternoon taking a nap and listening to a book on his MP3 player, while Vickie, Becky, Mariah and I prepared food for the annual Bunting July 4th bonfire at Oceano Beach. They have a Beach Bean recipe that I hope will be posted on their blog. It has been developed over the last few years to perfection. As the evening progressed, John put the burgers on the grill. We ate them and also enjoyed sampling the yummy beans. We did save some for the bonfire. After dinner, David, John and I took a little field trip over to check out Lake Lopez as a possible site for a future family reunion. The last picture above is the swimming area there. It was dusk when we arrived and very pretty. We returned home to greet Leo who arrived late from work. Then, we all went to bed so we would be ready for the the big day which has become a tradition. Usually there are 20-50 friends who come to share the fire and also bring potluck food to share. Becky and John arrived at the beach at 6:00 A.M. to stake out our "territory" with caution tape. They stayed all day to protect the space. The rest of us arrived in the afternoon and sat arround in the sun talking, reading and baking. Leo only supervised the fire building this year because he had an injured knee and was hobbling around with the help of his walking stick. It was windy this year, but as the evening approached the wind died down and the fog arrived. We thought we had a PRIME spot, but because of the fog, we didn't actually get to see the fireworks from Pismo Pier. We did, however have a wonderful display all around of legal and illegal fireworks provided by everyone on the beach all night, so we were all satisfied with the bonfire celebration. We also cooked WOOFUMS over Leo's fire. If you look carefully at the group picture above you can see one in the foreground being toasted and ready for filling. Thank you Leo, Vickie, John, Becky and Mariah for letting us share your tradition!!! (Especially Mariah, for loaning us your bed!)

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