Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our visit to Baker's Acres

After arriving home last Thursday morning from Arroyo Grande, we started repacking to attend a reunion with the Baker clan in Beaver, Utah at Baker's Acres. We packed up the pork loins for the barbecue and the peaches and strawberries for cobblers and pie and headed out early Friday morning for Utah. After over 8 hours in the truck, it felt good to get out and stretch our legs. Then, we headed for the ATV's.
The facility needed some repair, so those who attended were happy to help with the work. New stairs were built and painted for the restrooms, laundry room and the back door of the main house. Also, a ceiling fan was installed in the eating pavillion, which was appreciated by everyone. It was over 90 during the day, but cooled down at night. Pictured above are Steven, Carolynn, Wayne (Wendy's husband), and Tom (Jane's husband) who all worked on the stairs. David assisted Mike in installing the fan.
This is for Jocelyn. I promised her a picture of Katie and Alan's five month old twin boys, Ethan James and David Alan.
David and I took pictures of all who attended.
Barbara, who will be 87 this year, couldn't wait to try out the rope swing over the little pond. There was also a rowboat available to those who wanted to enjoy a little water sport.
The deer couldn't really be called "wildlife". I think they were almost domesticated. They came to get the rolled corn left by the stream. We saw several every day, including a fawn with it's mother.
Larry provided us with some entertainment by setting up a row of Diet Coke bottles and letting the kids drop in Mentos. As you can see, this causes a geyser. Lance (Buffy's friend) perfected the technique by puncturing a small hole in the lid and using a paper clip to drop several in at once, which made the stream of cola go 20-30 feet high.
We had a great time, and it was fun to see everyone and spend some time with them. The fires didn't hinder our travel plans, but I guess some of the group had to take a 4-5 hour detour on the way home from church Sunday. Thanks, Barry, for inviting us!


Katie said...

So much fun! Alan and I loved spending time with you both and are so glad you were able to come. Thanks again for the super tasty food:) Yummmmm....

Shaun & (mostly) Aimee said...

Wow, what a fun place!

lacey said...

I tell you what- you Bunting peoples are where the fun is at. I could not have thought that I would see an 80ish woman swing on a rope swing and that mentos could be such a charge to coke. I am going to try that at my next family party... maybe I will have to borrow someones grandma for the rope swing though?

david said...

this trip looked like a lot of fun. we got stuck in the fire too.