Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Home Safe

David and Oscar made it home safe last night around 12:30 a.m. Jocelyn had just called me to see if I had heard from them. She had not been able to reach them by cell phone, but reception in the canyon is often bad. I had gone to bed earlier, since I had to work at the temple this morning, but couldn't get to sleep, so when she called I had been asleep about 15 minutes. I told her I would wait a few minutes and then call Ryan to see when they had left. David had told me not to expect him until midnight. I tried his cell first, and he answered from our driveway. Everything had gone well. It took about twice as long for him to drive up the canyon because he went slow and took lots of turnouts. It only took him 10 minutes longer than usual coming home because they didn't have the trailer and could go faster. Now, Ryan will be busy making use of the equipment. I'm so excited he's finally getting started!

P.S. I hopped in the passenger seat of the truck before they left yesterday to check it out and had fun playing with the seat adjustments. The seats are adjusted by air and are a riot to use. I'll have to let the grandkids have some fun before David returns the truck. I put the seat up so far my feet were dangling.

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Karrie said...

I'm excited that Ryan has started too!