Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Bithday RYAN !

I don't want to embarrass Ryan by writing him a poem. But, I couldn't let the day pass without a Happy Birthday wish for him. So, I grabbed a few pictures from his past ( I hope he doesn't mind), and I'll just say I'm grateful to be his mom. He was my first child and I had to wait seven years for another one, so I really enjoy and appreciate him. He is smart, independent, resourceful, adventurous, and helpful. Never afraid to try something new, he has had plethora of "unbelievable" experiences even though he is only 34 today. He's tried everything from scuba diving, to sewing (Yes, he can sew.) Currently, I think riding his motorcycle off road ranks high on his list, although it may take the back burner to building a house soon. He loves to cook outdoors and is well known for his talent in that area. Happy Birthday to a multi-talented, wonderful son!
Here he is at 1:
Marching down Chester Avenue:
Catching abalone:
With the "infamous" Trojan:
Branding cattle:
a "Chippie":
Cooking in the dutch oven:
He's our FAVORITE son!

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Papa Randy said...

Happy birthday CR. What a fine young man you are. You have been a great friend to my boys and to my knowlege you guys didn't get into too much trouble. Ah yes the infamous trojan. What no pics shooting cats with paintball guns or diving off my roof? What about you three boys eating 60 hotdogs in about 48 hours. SWEET!!