Wednesday, June 20, 2007

32 People for Dinner

When the ladies on the retreat found out I had 32 people coming for dinner Sunday, they wondered why I was there and not home getting ready, but I had help, so all went well and we had a WONDERFUL time. It was so good to see Jeremy and Aimee and their families! We had the men cook ribs and chicken. Kacy and Will helped me with the Snickerdoodles and Apricot Cobbler. Brooke walked in and asked, "Where is the garden?", so we picked tomatoes and cucumbers and added them to the salad. Anita and her crew came with armloads of more food. So we ate all the yummy stuff we could, and then the kids went on a TREASURE HUNT. Riley found the first clue in the peach orchard. Jacob is a good reader, and the oldest, so he read all the clues to everyone.
Spencer found the last clue.

They divided up the treasure,
which was found in Grandma Cherie's toy room.
Karrie tried to make the leftovers of the Kern Valley Ward Father's Day handouts desireable by arranging them in a pattern. She left them here, and I have been giving them away for the last three days and there are still more! We didn't have half enough time together, so some of us are planning to join the Clement's on a camping trip next week at Stony Creek. In the meantime, David and I are looking forward to a visit from his Sister, Barbara and her daughter, Carolynn, and of course Stephanie's baby shower. We tried to find a helicopter like Jacob's for Oscar today at Costco, since it was such a hit, but there were none.
P.S. Please note that I got, by accident, camera shy Anita's arm in the above picture!


Kelly said...
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Leo, Vickie, & Mariah said...

Hi Uncle David! Hi Aunt Cherie! This is Mariah. I've taken over our family's blog since my mom and dad are too busy to keep it updated. I've added a new background, lots of pictures, and posted a new entry. Stop by and check it out! I love your blog. It's so colorful! Bye- Mariah

Leo, Vickie, & Mariah said...

The promotional dance was the graduation dance for my 8th grade class. And, yes, the MPR is the multi-purpose room at Paulding, my old school. Talk to ya later!