Monday, June 4, 2007

Danish Food

The highlights of our afternoon in Solvang pretty much centered around FOOD.
When we arrived, we immediately ate outdoors at one of the fun little restaurants. It was late afternoon, but Steve ordered a blueberry crepe. Everyone who knows him is probably aware he loves creme and the crepe was SMOTHERED in creme. In fact, the waitress warned him about it. He said that was fine. He had seen one being presented to another diner as we were being seated. Later, as were were strolling the streets of Solvang, we couldn't pass up the pastries at the bakery and we also stopped in for a treat at Ingeborg's World Famous Danish Chocolates before leaving for home. I noticed there were no boxed chocolates and no prices. I don't think too many people could afford a box of the stuff. It was about $3.00 per piece, but well worth it...very smooth. For a souvenier I bought a cute little blue and white refrigerator magnet that says, "Uff Da!"(means Oh,Darn!, or something like that in Danish) It has a little Viking guy on it. My dad always said that, since he went on his mission to Denmark. Steve and Dayna bought some Royal Copenhagen commerative plates for the years each member of their family was born. We saw a Lladro piece for $475.00 that was two Mormon missionaries. The lady who waited on us said they sell very well to mothers and grandmothers of missionaries.
David was kind of stuck-up and not very friendly with the Solvang locals.

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Eliza said...

What a fun trip. I love going to Solvang, but it has been years since my last visit. Thanks for bringing back the memories!