Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday Celebration

Here's a multi-tasking mother holding the baby and blowing out her birthday candle at the same time before the cream melted. Jocelyn ordered barbecued ribs, "funeral" potatoes and strawberry shortcake for her 28th birthday dinner. We were happy to comply, since she is such a terrific daughter. Plus, we like that stuff, too.
Our day began with a ride up Kern Canyon to visit Kern Vally Ward for Jessie's blessing (see Karrie's blog). It was great to all be together in church and I always like to see Ryan use the priesthood. Jessie is now officially named on the records of the church. She is such a SWEETIE!
After we arrived home, I drove west to pick up my mom to join us for dinner. I had all the food ready and the table set and I left David in charge. Here's what I found upon returning:

I leaned in and called him a slacker, but he redeemed himself by saying Karrie, Ryan and kids would be arriving later. So, I put all the food on hold and took a few pictures of the calm before the storm:

Grandma J took the opportunity to hold Levi.
It's a good thing I took a few pictures then, because after everyone arrived I was busy making sure everyone was fed and no one got in too much trouble. Today every thing is back to normal, but Papa David wants to know if anyone out there knows where the memory chips he left on the computer table yesterday are located. And Karrie, you left George' s ribs, so I put them in the freezer. And Barry, your's are in the freezer too, but if it takes you too long to come for them, I can't guarantee they'll still be there. And, Brandon and Lenna, I was thinking it's about time you came for another visit, so we have an excuse to barbecue again. We'll be calling. And Clement Clan, how's sometime the middle of June when you're all here? But we'll have to do it without David, 'cause he'll be fishing in Alaska. Let's pick a date so Ryan can be off.
Oh, I took this picture of Karrie's garden area all ready to plant after it is "decritterized". I'm sure she'll have more to say about that.


Carla said...

That is the best looking strawberry shortcake EVER. Please adopt me so I can have some on my next b-day!

Eric said...

An above ground garden wow!

Brandon said...

I think

Brandon said...

I think Uncle David called and asked Ryan and Karri to come later so he could take that nap. Lenna thinks that chocolate is a necessary ingredient for all desserts (no coconut pie for Mother’s Day tomorrow…I had Costco work really hard on that recipe) but I think that shortcake has a shot at helping her turn the corner.

We would love to come up anytime. After topping off the car today at Costco I wondered out loud where the tank of gas could take us, we both said Bakersfield.

Glad to hear that things are going well.