Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Produce Inspection

I asked David to join me for a look at some troublesome sprinklers yesterday and afterward we wandered out back for a produce inspection.

The garden is doing nicely so far and I picked a few sugar snap peas. I ignored the radishes, since we have far too many for me to use, as usual. The crookneck and zucchini are not quite ready, nor the romaine lettuce. The beans are flowering, the cucumbers plants are still small. The tomato plants and onions look great, and the corn is coming along.

These are our "Mother's Day" peaches.
We picked a bucket to share with David's mom.I absolutely LOVE the blossoms on pomegranates.
These we grew from cuttings off our friend Tom's bushes. They are two years old. We started some "Utah" pomegranates from cuttings given to us by the Waites this year.

The cherries attracted the rowdy grand kids last year, who tried to harvest them with croquet mallets. This year they are tall enough to reach, even Ed and Jared. I couldn't resist either.

We left these artichokes on to grow some more, and instead I prepared some that Leo had brought us for dinner. I put 1/4 cup water in a bowl and placed the artichoke upside down in it. Then I covered it with plastic wrap and cooked it for 9 minutes in the microwave. I usually cook 7 minutes, but the ones he brought were really big, so it took 9 minutes. Leo gave us a whole box full that we shared with everyone on Mother's Day. The shippers had given them to the railroad workers. Thanks, Leo. They are delicious! I had mine dipped in melted butter with a little lime added and David had his with mayo. We added some baked salmon and shared this cute cake Lindsey had brought on Mother's Day for dessert: (She brought one for ALL the ladies.)

Lindsey's ward made these for a girl's camp

fund raiser and made $1200.00!

Here's David waiting for his artichoke to cook.


Dawnelle Anderson said...
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Dawnelle Anderson said...

I am so jealous that you are already getting fresh fruit and veggies. We just planted our seeds on Saturday and our tomato plants today, but because we still freeze at night we have to put wall-o-waters around the tomatoes/ Although I won't be jealous when you have 100 degree temperatures

Shaun & (mostly) Aimee said...

Yum! Everything looks so good, especially the cherries and peaches. Harvesting with croquet mallots? Too cute! Sounds like fun. Can't wait to see you!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I cant wait to have a house so we can have a garden. I hate buying produce at the store and I would rather grow my own. Im jealous.

Lenna said...

You've got an Orange County harvest crew ready to eat-more- than-they-pick and likely-to- overstay-their-welcome when you need one.

Posts like this make us wonder why we don't live somewhere we can put a shovel in the ground and grow something like that.

Good work. As usual. :)

Monica said...

Do you still have peaches? Tell my home teacher to deliver some and we'll call it good!