Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mustang Tune-up and Dismantle

Barry came to town Thursday to stay for a few days while Lee is visiting her new grand baby in Korea. He and David have been working on Barry's Mustang, which he brought along for the ride. (Actually THAT was the reason for the trip.) The first day they tuned it up:

Then, they listened to it. Still didn't sound right.
So, they dismantled the engine.
They decided there's not enough time on this trip to complete the overhaul, so they stowed it in Bunting's Mustang corral.
Now Barry has more time to dream
about all the cool stuff he can do to it.

Current project: Barbecue ribs for Jocelyn's birthday celebration tomorrow. Ribs are one of her favorite foods. The grill is heating as I type. David says this is the first time he's cooked ribs without a schedule to meet. We are cooking today and re-heating tomorrow. It's actually a double celebration, since Ryan is blessing Jessie tomorrow at church.


Jocelyn said...


Katie said...

Dismantled the engine?! Wow. I can't wait to see it all complete and my cruising home in it. :)

Lenna said...

It's hard to say I do anything big over the weekend when I know you're doing stuff like THAT up there. Pretty awesome. They sure do look happy...

Happy birthday to Jocelyn!