Thursday, November 1, 2007

October Update

David told me his birthday has been over for some time and I really should post something new. Ok, I admit that I have been neglecting my blog, and it's not that I haven't had anything going on around here to blog about. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Here's a quick rundown: We had a wedding shower for Keri Munn one Saturday evening and the Stake Harvest Festival the following Saturday, for which we cooked the meat (for 700 people). We shopped for construction materials and continued working on the Casita for Ellen. David is installing sheetrock as I type. Every now and then I have to go in and help. That stuff is HEAVY when you have to hold it over your head! In between was Ed Duffel's funeral, babysitting, temple work, sewing for wedding, yardwork (winter ryegrass and weeds), helping Granny and Grandma J. and Halloween. We also had some days with the computer down due to a broken fan. Life is wonderful! We are so blessed.

I loved watching Jocelyn's boys have fun last night at the Halloween Party. Super Hero Jared made the rounds several times to examine the pumpkins carved and lit up in the back of all the trunks. They squealed with delight while sliding and bouncing on the fun toys. I didn't get to the spook alley, but it must have been good because the fire department showed up (2 trucks and a bunch of firemen) after the silent alarm went off due to the fake smoke from the fog machine. Many people from the neighborhood around the church came and I saw lots of chili dogs and frito boats disappear. I personally handed out tons of candy from the back of my Jeep and saw every kind of imaginable costume, including Mommy Mummy Jocelyn (see above). The kids I have in Nursery were some of the CUTEST!

It was also during the last few weeks that we received word from Stuart Anderson about his cancer. Our hearts are full for him, Ann and their kids. I know it will be a challenging time for them.


Jordan & Nikki said...

You certainly are keeping busy! I'm looking forward to pictures of the wedding & all of your hard work.

Shaun & (mostly) Aimee said...

I love seeing all the cute!