Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My family on Thanksgiving Day

I know I have been a blogger slacker. David told me today that I better post SOMETHING because he was tired of looking at Maryellen's skimpies, so here is a picture of my FAMILY. I'm not sure it is worthy of posting, but at least it's a picture and everyone is in it. I am grateful for that! We took some pictures after Thanksgiving dinner of our extended Bunting family for Ellen's Christmas card, and as an afterthought I said,"Wait!!! everyone come back so we can take just my family. They came unwillingly and hopefully David (Karl's son) took some better than mine. We plan to take some really good ones when Maryellen gets married. Anyway, we had a great Thanksgiving. I love getting together with my family and I have so much to be grateful for! All the grand kids are learning and growing so much.

I DID brave the after Thanksgiving sales. Among my bargains were a microwave and tile for Ellen's casita. David and I have been working on it a lot and it should be done in a few weeks. Today we finished the door and window casings, tomorrow...the roof, Friday the cabinets.

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Katie said...

It's fun to see you all together! I'm excited to see the finished casita. Do you want to come down to my parents next and build me and Alan one on the lower property;)