Saturday, November 10, 2007

Maryellen's Wedding Shower

Here are a couple of snapshots from Maryellen's marvelous wedding shower that was held today. It was hosted by Janice Faulkner and there were over 50 friends and family who attended. Lots of yummy food was served and everyone had a good time showering Maryellen with gifts and good wishes. She will be looking good on her honeymoon after receiving several lovely lingerie sets, including the scanty number pictured here made out of candy:
Gaye was hoping Maryellen would receive some "duplicates" so that she that she could offer to help her out by giving them a nice home , but no such luck. Instead, Maryellen received all kinds of useful and pretty things for her home, including this calendar made by Jocelyn:
We also found out how well Brandon and Maryellen know each other. Brandon was asked 26 questions and Maryellen had to guess what his answers were. I figured they would do pretty well since they had spent so much time together and when they weren't together they were talking on the phone. ended up being 17 out of 26. When Brandon was asked what kind of flowers would be at their wedding, he said,"Colorful?"
Next... the wedding on December 15

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Looks like a lot of fun. I'm sorry I missed it. My cousin got married in Las Vegas that day so we took a weekend trip. Hopefully we'll see you at Thanksgiving!