Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year

 We began the new year with some of our grandchildren.  Jocelyn and Oscar were invited to an adult party, so Papa David and I invited Nathan, Spencer, Jared, Levi and Clara to a sleepover.  When the kids arrived, we had pizza for dinner and continued the evening with a movie marathon compliments of Netflicks.  We The kids are used to heading to bed at 7:30 on school nights, so I wasn't surprised when their heads began nodding around 9:30. Clara was first to go, and I tucked her in so we could go let off our noise makers and call it a night.  I thought maybe we could join in the east coast TV celebration but all we could get was Lady GaGa (Yuck!).   We opted to let off our poppers and noise makers out on the patio and they all went to bed.

Since New Year's Day was Sunday this year I was glad the early morning meetings had been rescheduled and we didn't have to be to church until 10:00.  I fixed breakfast, which is always pancakes for the grand kids.  While they ate, I went out to get Ellen up.  The kids were all good and when I came back in, we got everybody ready for church.  Jocelyn and Oscar came to get them just as I had headed in to get myself ready. I was scheduled to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting, so I had prepared it earlier in the week. It was the first time since David has been in the Bishopric that I got to sit with him at church.  I'm not that excited about giving talks, but I like sitting up front because you can see every body's face instead of the back of their heads. 

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