Friday, January 29, 2010

Pepper Spray Experiment

While Jocelyn and I were checking out some online coupons to print, Spencer tried an experiment with PEPPER SPRAY. He came running in the office hysterically crying that he had hit his head on a table in the toy room, all the while his hands were trying to scrape something off his lips and tongue. Suspicious! Jocelyn investigated and found the pepper spray from her purse on the counter in the kitchen with drips still clinging to the edge of the bottle. I looked up the antidote online and there is none. Water will not help, but, if it's on your skin, milk might. They suggest a solution of 25% Dawn and 75% water, since it's a oil, but that's not too cool if the pepper spray is on your lips and in your mouth. They suggest staying calm and quiet. Yea, right! 15 minutes later Spencer was down to a whimper and 30 minutes later he told his mom he had good news, "His lips were not burning." The bad news? None.

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Karrie said...

Trust no one. That's all I'm sayin'.